The most wonderful thing about asking people for impossible things is that sometimes they say YES.
Eli Trier

Are you ready to explore the power & Magic of asking for impossible things?

I cannot count the number of times where I wanted something badly but did not dare to ask for it, usually for fear of rejection, and what that might say about me. Thankfully I have learned to be bolder and more intentional with regards to asking for things that I believe in. And to handle rejection for what it is: not a reflection on me but simply the other person choosing to say no. In this community project we will explore ways to ask that will increase our chances of a Yes, and also how to handle a No and move on from that. I would be thrilled if you joined me!

Join me in October for a Month of Courage and Inspiration:

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1 Big Ask

I will be asking for ONE BIG THING in October and will update you on my progress via email every Friday. It’s a huge ask and I am pretty nervous about it!

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A Safe Community

In our private Facebook group you will be able to tell us about your own experiences and challenges in a safe and nurturing environment. Tell us about your big asks!


(Psst… this is about actually asking a person, not the universe.)

Earlier this year my husband and I decided that the house we had built and moved into nine months earlier was not right for us. It was crazy for sure but we just did not feel at home there and I especially had a very strong negative reaction to the place. Both of us missed our cozy old condo and we said more than once, why did we ever leave there? We had some heartfelt conversations that resulted in our decision to sell the house and start looking at condos in our old complex. I wrote letters to all the owners of condos we were interested in and kept an eye on the real estate listings. However, while all of this was going on I kept hearing a voice inside that said why don’t you ask whether your old condo is for sale? There were a few reasons why not!

The owner of our old condo had only bought it less than a year ago so surely he wasn’t planning to move again! (Not everyone is as crazy as us, right?) Especially as we knew that he had also fallen in love with the place, just like we had when we first bought it. It felt completely unrealistic and unreasonable to think that this was even a possibility. Plus, I didn’t want to feel the disappointment of a rejection, either, if I am honest. So I almost didn’t ask! Well, you know where this is going… eventually I realized that we have nothing to lose and I finally reached out and asked the question and he said make me an offer! And so we did and agreed a price and listed our house which sold within 24 hours and four weeks later we were back in our beloved cozy condo that feels like home. Phew!

Your degree of resistance around something will be proportional to the amount of power waiting for you on the other side of that resistance.
— Barbara Stanny

There are many reasons why we hesitate to ask for something that feels impossible, and most of them are based on assumptions, self-doubt and fears.


What would happen if we put our assumptions, self-doubt and fears aside and simply asked?

  • Someone could say YES! In fact, it is very likely that someone, sometimes, will say yes.

  • We learn to be brave and open up surprising new opportunities along the way.

  • We learn that a No is not the end of the world.

  • We get to move things forward, either way.

  • We create new connections and plant seeds, regardless of a Yes or No.

  • We start a ripple effect that could potentially touch a lot of people.


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Asking for Impossible Things・A free community project・October 2019

Someone might say yes!

“Want to work with someone amazing but can’t afford them? Ask if they have a scholarship programme or a payment plan they don’t publicise. Want that super high-profile person to share your latest blog post? Tell them about it and ask for a share. Want to be on that insanely popular podcast even though you only have 46 followers and have only been in business for five minutes? Why not ask? Someone might say yes.”

––Eli Trier’s words that inspired this community project!


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