About Kerstin

Squarespace Web Designer & Educator


Because of my unconventional path and my decades of professional experience across different industry sectors I offer a unique combination of business, technical and creative skills.


What you can expect from me


My communication style is personable, open & considerate.

As my web design client you benefit from my ability to understand your business processes. 

Do you feel overwhelmed by the technology and jargon? I meet you where you are.

I am pretty tenacious, if I don't know something I will find a solution.

In my e-courses you will appreciate my clear instructions and personal expert support.

Not sure what you want or how to execute your vision? I've got you covered.



How I help creatives and small business owners

E-Courses →

Empower yourself with the support of an experienced designer. Confidently create your own website, host your e-course on Squarespace and boost your Squarespace SEO (for FREE)!

Web Design →

I design beautiful, welcoming and well organized websites for small businesses and creative entrepreneurs. I only take on 10 clients per year so make sure to reserve your spot soon.

Website Support →

You are not alone! Do you already have a Squarespace website but need help with setting up your e-course, implementing a bi-lingual structure or just want a website facelift?

Studio Notes →

Get Squarespace news and tips and the occasional deeper musings I am known for! When you sign up you receive instant access to my free SEO course as well as e-course discount codes.

The Blog →

My blog is a great resource for all things Squarespace, here I share CSS tricks, Squarespace news and How To's as well as insights into the ups and downs of running a small design business. 

Facebook →

Facebook is where I hang out every day! Send me a friend request or like my Facebook page for instant Squarespace news and links to useful resources around the net.

My Story:
From Flight Attendant to Business Owner


For most of my life I've been called a gipsy. Born and raised in Cologne, Germany, I have lived in Vancouver, Toronto and Miami before making London and England my home for nearly 16 years. Which, consequently, added a touch of British to my German accent! In 2003 I met my American husband through an online dating site, and in 2014, after many more moves across the U.S. and Europe, we finally settled down in Bellingham, WA, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Professionally I am a bit of a Jill-Of-All-Trades and have flown around the world as a flight attendant for Lufthansa, managed IT projects in southern England, did corporate sales in the airline finance industry, ran my own online dating site and personal growth workshops in London, worked as a hotel manager in the Pacific Northwest, college secretary in Massachusetts and the registrar of an international school in Germany. 

Web design has been my creative outlet since 1999 and after many years in the Wordpress zone I discovered Squarespace in 2008 and instantly fell in love with its stylish templates and easy drag & drop editor. When we relocated from the UK to the US in 2014 a friend of mine asked me to redesign her business website and it was such a success that, instead of looking for a new job, I decided to start my own business as a Squarespace web designer and educator!

Since then I have designed more than 50 websites for small businesses and creative entrepreneurs, and my Squarespace courses have attracted more than 300 students. 


After all these years of wandering I finally created my dream job!



A heart-centered Business

As an empath and HSP it is very important to me to act from a place of integrity, substance and caring.

I am not a hustler, my approach is more gentle and personable. Above anything, I believe in great service and delivering high quality work, and my business has grown very organically, and steadily, as a result. 

As my client or student you will always be seen and heard.