Squarespace Classroom Classic

Save money and create an ultra-stylish classroom by hosting your e-course on your own Squarespace website!

Learn how to host your e-course on Squarespace!

Knowing where to host an online course can quickly become a confusing & costly exercise and I am hear to show you a different way. You may also have a lot of questions and many answers can be found here:


Why you’ll love hosting your courses on Squarespace:

  • NO FEES for 3rd party hosting services or membership functionality.

  • YOUR STUDENTS WILL LOVE IT. It’s a stylish and well organized classroom.

  • BRAND CONSISTENCY. Because you are using your own fonts, colors and design.

  • CONVENIENT. Your students only need to know one place: your website.

  • SECURE. Your course content is protected by the built-in password system.

  • BEAUTIFUL. Take full advantage of all of Squarespace’s gorgeous styling options.

  • EASY. No need to learn a new system, you already know Squarespace & your website!

  • SEAMLESS. Selling through Squarespace is easy on Business and higher plans.

  • PAYMENT OPTIONS. Your customers can pay by credit card or PayPal.

  • GREAT SUPPORT. You can contact customer support 24/7 and they are wonderful!

Why they love it!

After spending a couple of years trialing all sorts of platforms, I finally found what I was looking for! Your course was so amazing and empowering!! I’ve just successfully run my first online program and everyone loved it! Big gratitude!
Sand Mew
Krista Dickson - Testimonial - How to host an eCourse on Squarespace
A massive thank you for putting together such a wonderful and helpful course. My favorite part is how much FUN it is to put your lessons together in Squarespace! I’ve used Teachable for my courses before, and it’s nowhere near as fun or intuitive!
— Krista Dickson
Kerstin, you have literally saved my brain. Yes, I could have scoured the internet for code to change the pagination. I could have written the Zapier (I’ve written many). I could have created the Mailchimp campaign (I’ve done dozens)... But you made it so easy. YOU MADE IT SO EASY! OMG...I had no idea how good it would feel to have someone just tell me what to do. Like a lovely gift. Numbered lists. Carefully thought out sequences. Gosh. You are my hero! Oh and did I tell you? It works! All of it. You’re the best!
Tesia Blackburn
You have no idea how much you helped me. I’ve wasted so much time in recent months making the round of “learning management systems”, to find none that were what I wanted without having to recreate another online home. As I was just starting to launch my online presence, it was a waste of effort. I feel so much more focused and clear since I set up my course on Squarespace, it’s much more intuitive than learning someone else’s platform. Best of all, it costs me nothing extra. I absolutely love the fact that you can drip content. I shocked a couple of folks who were looking down their noses at my “DIY” solution. They were like, well you really need the drip feature. I was very happy to say “I got it!” They were genuinely surprised. And I love the sidebar. That was a revelation. I agree it is the cat’s meow. Thank you so much!
Elizabeth Renee

Because Squarespace does not have a membership functionality I am using a password protected blog, custom CSS, code injection and Zapier to set up an online classroom and to provide an automated and seamless sign-up process. I share my method in easy-to-follow step-by-step videos and instructions.

Course Overview


1. Get Started
We look at evergreen vs. drip-feed courses, our Squarespace templates and add the course blog.

2. Configure the Blog
Where we turn a password protected blog into an online classroom and remove blog specific meta data.

3. Payment Flow
Where the magic happens! I show you step-by-step how to automate the payment flow so your students receive the welcome email with the login info after purchasing your course.

4. Add your Content
How to make videos private and embed them using Vimeo. Plus tips for styling your lessons.



Refund Policy: Please note that due to the nature of digital products I am unable to offer refunds once purchased.

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