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How to create a heart-centered and profitable business as a Squarespace Web Designer

 Learn how to host your e-course on Squarespace!

This is NOT a course where I will show you how to make a million dollars in six months by following my super secret top tips! This course is about a tangible skill – Squarespace web design – and how to grow a business and make a great living from that.

You can earn a very good income as a Squarespace Web Designer and in this course I provide an exclusive look into my own Squarespace Studio and share all the processes and tools that have helped me get started and triple my income within the first three years. If you love creative work, have a knack for design and technical concepts and enjoy working with people, then this can be a very rewarding and stable career. I still work as a Squarespace web designer myself and that won't change anytime soon as I truly love what I do!

I operate from a place of integrity where providing a great service and delivering high quality work is at the core of everything I do. 

If this sounds like the kind of business you would like to run as well then you've come to the right place! 



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1. Before your Start
This is all about setting the scene, making sure you have enough skills to get going and looking at your safety net and work environment.

2. Systems & Tools
How to set up your business legally and logistically, what systems and technology I use to organise my business and workflows.  

3. Getting New Clients
This part can feel very daunting to new designers! But it doesn't have to be and I will share everything I have done that resulted in me having a steady stream of clients (and now a waiting list) from day one.

4. Pricing
The beauty of running your own business? You can set your own prices as and how you want! I will show you how I tracked and developed my pricing until I arrived at my current model, and will also give examples of other successful plans I have used.

5. Support
Where to get support and what's been most helpful for me. 

6. Learn, make mistakes and grow
When I started out there were not many professional Squarespace designers so I went through a lot of trial and error before I found my groove. It is almost impossible to grow a business without making mistakes but I will share everything I have learned in this respect so that you can get a jump start!

This is a self-paced evergreen course and you will have immediate lifetime access to all materials.



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