We Made It!

It is the middle of February 2015 and I am sitting here in our new condo with the morning light streaming in and looking at the Cascade mountains in the distance. We are in Bellingham, WA. And all the pieces that we threw up into the air at the end of last year are finally beginning to fall into place. 

My husband got a new job! I am so proud of him, I can't even tell you. Leaving our jobs was probably one of the scariest things he has ever done. I am a gipsy who has had many jobs so for me this wasn't quite so daunting. But he is a steady kind of guy who enjoys staying with the same employer for a long time and he has NEVER been without a job since the age of 8. So I was in total awe of the risk he was prepared to take for our dream. And it paid off :) He is back with a former employer, a company that he always loved working for, and he got his dream role in sales covering the Pacific Northwest. We are so thrilled and so relieved. This was by far the biggest piece of the puzzle onto which everything else depended. 

Like my budding new web design business, for instance! Projects keep flowing in without me doing much other than work hard and deliver sites that my clients love. Every day I keep pinching myself that this is really my job now! I cannot even begin to tell you how much this means for me. All my life I was never sure what I really wanted to do professionally. I loved working for Lufthansa because I enjoyed working with people and wanted to travel. And with all my moving around I was always grateful to be able to land jobs relatively easily and I certainly learned a lot along they way. I knew that I had a knack for technology and picked up valuable skills over the years but working in large corporations, for instance, dimmed my spirit and often made me wonder what the hell I was doing there. Alas, I did like the relative security and regular paychecks these jobs provided and I also met some great people and made good friends. 

When we decided to have a Radical Rethink I never imagined that starting up my own business and finding my true passion would be a part of this. I remember reading once that when you do find your true passion it is actually easy: hard work but it does not feel like a struggle or like you are constantly having to overcome obstacles or walk through walls to achieve results. It will flow and opportunities will keep presenting themselves. And that is exactly what's been happening. I haven't done any advertising (yet) but the work keeps coming in. And I am absolutely loving what I do! 

Here is a nice side story: When we visited our friends in Vancouver last August we also took a trip down to Bellingham to meet with my former employers at the hotel there, who have since become friends. After dinner they took us over to the building they were constructing next to their hotel in Fairhaven, the historic district of Bellingham. 

Everything was still very raw, scaffolding up outside, windows covered in plastic and only one staircase leading up to the first floor which would hold office spaces for rent. I still remember walking past the bare concrete walls and marveling at the views across the harbor and the village and thinking to myself: I wish I had a business where I could rent an office here. It wasn't so much of a fleeting thought but more like an ache that I felt stirring inside. I never in a million years would have expected that only six months later I would indeed be signing a lease on my own little office space in this building! Wow. Like I said, things just keep rolling and happening. I should be able to move in there in April and I can't wait. Of course I could do my job from home, and I am sure sometimes I will, but I look forward to having a physical home for my business and a place where I can focus on my work and welcome customers and continue building affordable and stylish websites for my lovely clients :)