Radical Rethink

2014 is turning into a big leap year for us.

About two months ago my husband and I decided that we wanted to save more money for our eventual return to the US in a few years. So, after my summer sabbatical, I got myself a job and we started looking for a smaller and less expensive rental home. On Friday, September 26th, we were all set to sign the contract on a flat that we really liked when the landlord pulled out at the last moment. Without going into all the details, it is suffice to say that we felt a huge sense of disappointment. We had been so sure of the path we were on. I was at work when this went down and that's when I texted my husband those fateful two words: "Maybe we need to have a RADICAL RETHINK on what we’re doing!" He took them literally. And we started talking about what we really wanted and we both were in agreement: we want to live and settle down in Bellingham, WA, and rather sooner than later.

What happened next still blows my mind: my husband's employer agreed to waive the relocation reimbursement that he was committed to for another year and then ... we both quit our jobs. We are leaving the UK at the end of December and we are equally terrified and thrilled. We have no jobs to go to yet and only a modest amount of savings to pay for the relocation and see us through the transition. Being in our early 50s this represents a huge financial risk. But you know what? 


When I wrote these words on my Facebook page some weeks ago it got me thinking: What do I want my life to really look like?

Roundabout the same time a friend from Vancouver, B.C., contacted me and asked whether I would design a new website for her. She initially wanted something on Wordpress because that's what she was used to, but after some heartfelt conversations where I got to the bottom of what she really needed, I knew that Squarespace would be a much better option for her. We agreed a price and I got to work. And you know what? I worked hard and long hours and I loved every minute of it! It was such a joy for me to see all the pieces of the site fall into place like a beautiful mosaic. A couple of weeks later she was able to launch her new website luminouselephant.com. And we were both thrilled with the result! Her sales jumped up almost immediately and I knew what I wanted to do as my husband and I are entering this new exciting phase of our lives: start up my own web design business.

Like everything we are doing right now it feels scary and liberating all at once.


I have always been a technology geek as well as someone who cares about style and design. I could have easily become an interior designer, too, as I have a knack for that as well. But my true passion lies with web design and I look forward to working with many lovely clients and creating beautiful and affordable websites for them!