Is The Hustle Worth It?

Is the hustle worth it? |

Yesterday I left a snarky comment on someone’s Facebook post. It was a random post that had popped into my feed and it talked about how to become a coach and make 7-figures within 12 months. I noticed the same grammar error in her post as well as her testimonials which made me think that she probably wrote them herself. It irked me and triggered the mean girl in me, the one that feels all self-righteous but also completely disheartened by the constant barrage of the follow-my-easy-top-secret-steps-to-a-7-figure-income messages. Aka as the pyramid scheme of the gold rush entrepreneur. Blergh. My husband pointed out that my comment was perhaps a little petty and not befitting of someone who runs a professional business. He was right of course. I deleted my comment again. 

And then I cried. 

Because I am overworked, exhausted and a little disillusioned. Growing an online business from scratch is not easy and I hate all those marketeers for making it sound like it should be because that makes me feel like I am failing somehow. Which does my business a grave dis-service because it’s actually doing really well. I am not making 6-figures but I draw a good income from my business, which allows me to work for myself rather than being employed. For which I'm grateful, especially as I genuinely love what I do. Nonetheless, ever since I got into the e-course side of things have I felt like I jumped into a stormy overcrowded ocean and I am struggling to stay afloat. It’s not the e-courses themselves, I love teaching and sharing my knowledge and experience, and engaging with and helping my students, this is what lights me up and what feeds my soul!

What I don’t love is the hustle. 

Taking a break from web design |

My 1:1 web design business has been ticking along nicely since I launched it almost three years ago. I have never done any advertising and clients keep coming to me, either through word of mouth or Google ( I am finally on page one when you google “Squarespace web designer”, thank you SEO!). In fact, I am booked out until the end of this year, which feels amazing.

Getting the word out about my e-courses and growing my online audience on the other hand is an entirely different beast. One that requires social media strategies, high engagement, networking and a level of self-promotion that feels quite overwhelming and a little soul destroying. I am just not that kind of hustler and I shy away from the shouty in-your-face kind of marketing that seems to be all over the internet these days. My approach is more gentle and personable but that doesn't seem to do much to alert the masses to my e-courses! Sigh. So this is something that I am still figuring out.

All I know for sure is that I want to stay true to myself and keep the hustle as heart-centered as I can. Staying within those parameters is the only acceptable path for me.

Chilling out on my balcony provides a nice break |