Frequently Asked Questions


I get a lot of emails every day and rather than keep you waiting for a reply I created this page with some of the most frequent questions I get and my answers.


Online Courses

I have a question about your Squarespace Classroom courses.

  1. I offer two Classroom courses:

    a) Classroom Classic is for budget conscious course creators who don’t mind having the same password for everyone → Read the Classic FAQ page.

    b) Classroom MS is for course creators who prefer to have individual user account and passwords → MS FAQ page.

  2. Please also make sure you’ve read this post: → The Definitive Guide to Hosting your eCourse on Squarespace

  3. If you cannot find the answers above please email me.

I have a question about one of your other courses.

Please read the course sales page which contains a lot of information about each class. If you cannot find any answers there please email me.

101 | 201 | BizBox | SEO Plus | How to Get More Clients

Do you offer scholarships?

At this point I do not offer scholarships for my courses. But I do run generous special offers a couple of times per year and payment plans are available for Squarespace 101, 201 and BizBox. You can also save a lot of money by purchasing a bundle.

I lost my password.

Please email me! I will send you the password as soon as I see your message.


Do I need a big social media following to attract clients?

No you don’t! I still don’t have a huge following or mailing list but I’ve had a steady stream of clients since day 1 and a waiting list since my 2nd year in business. I share my tips and strategies in these two places:

  1. How to Get More Clients Mini Course. My top 5 strategies.

  2. Squarespace BizBox. 24 strategies that get real results.

How do you stay so organized? What tools do you use?

This is a frequent question I get! And why I created an online course where I share all my tools, processes, documents and strategies for single-handedly organizing a 6-figure business.

Learn more about this course.

Web design and website support

I have a quick technical, business or website question.

I do not offer free adhoc support via email or Facebook messenger, instead please consider one of these options:

  1. For free resources please check out my blog to see if I wrote about topics that might help you, like how to create a bi-lingual website or help with choosing a template.

  2. You can pick my considerable Squarespace and business brain during a 1-hour Ask-Me-Anything session!

  3. For more in-depth and personalized support you can apply for my 3-month mentoring program.

  4. If you need a website facelift or adhoc website support or maintenance please check out the awesome designers in my hand-selected Squarespace Designer Directory.

I need a new website.

I am not designing websites in 2019 so that I can fully focus on my online courses. However, I am happy to refer you to my directory of awesome hand-picked Squarespace designers who will be happy to talk to you about a new website.

I need help with SEO.

  1. Check out my SEO Plus course! Here I share everything I have done - in easy to follow steps - that has helped me get to Page One on Google.

  2. Book an Ask-Me-Anything session and I will look at your website and show you what you can do to improve your SEO and how to use Google Search Console and Bing.

  3. Hire an SEO specialist from my Designer Directory.

Collaborations & Affiliates

I want to work with you/intern for you.

I am honored that you are interested in working with me! I am a solo operation by design which means that I mostly work alone. However, if you are a Squarespace wizard and especially good with CSS and coding please send me a message as I might hire someone later in 2019 to assist with Squarespace support in my courses.

Do you offer an affiliate program for your courses?

At this point I don’t. I run a very lean and personally engaged business and managing an affiliate program does not fit in with my current business set-up. Thank you for understanding! And for recommending my courses anyway if you enjoyed them and found them helpful 💛

I have an affiliate program you might be interested in.

Please send me a message and if I think it’s a good fit for my clients or students I will get back to you.

I would like you to write a guest post for me, or be a guest on my podcast.

I love writing guest posts or chatting with you on your podcast! Please send me a message and tell me more.

Can I write a guest post for your blog?

At this point I only host guest posts for my Studio Talk 5 series where I interview experienced Squarespace designers about their backgrounds and businesses. If that is you and you are interested in being featured please email me.


Do you offer business mentoring?

Yes, I do! I mentor other Squarespace web designers as well as anyone who runs or wants to run an online business.

I accept two mentoring clients per quarter and we meet 6 times for one-hour sessions over the course of three months.

Click here for more info and to apply.

Designer Directory

I would like to join your Squarespace Designer Directory.

Thank you for your interest in my designer directory! I regret that at this point I am not accepting new submissions, thank you for understanding.