I Discovered Bullet Journaling! Oh My.

I may have mentioned before, ahem, that I am a terrible procrastinator. This includes sending birthday cards and presents. Thank goodness for the internet where Facebook and my calendar remind me of birthdays and an email or FB message are usually graciously received and can be done on the same day! 

My sweet little nephew in Germany, my sister's son, is turning three next month. I miss him like crazy and thank goodness - again! - for the internet and skype, at least I get to see him that way regularly. And this year I decided to be a bit better organized and get his presents so that he actually gets them on time! As I was wrapping them today I remembered something I had saved on my Pinterest and was suddenly inspired to try that and voila, ended up having some fun with my washi tape. I am not a gifted artist or anything but that is not the point, is it? I just really enjoyed getting my creative juices going with this, I even hand-made his birthday card, and it was so satisfying to make something with my hands and see the end result. Now I'm just hoping that German customs are not going to tear open my lovingly prepared packaging. 

All of this was largely inspired by my recent discovery of bullet journalling. Oh my. Why have I never known about this? A Facebook friend mentioned it a while ago but I didn't pay much attention until a couple of weeks ago I came across this blog. Oh, actually, that is not quite true, my interest in art journalling was actually sparked about two months ago, after reading this post on Karen's blog Chookooloonks. Her post quite blew my mind, I loved the art journaling practice she had started years ago and drooled over her stacks of Leuchtturm 1917 journals. So I got myself a Leuchtturm, too, and haven't looked back since! What's been super helpful in this respect is what Karen says about not trying to be perfect in our journals. There are no rules. It doesn't have to be pretty or arty. Just write, scribble, doodle, make a mess, make mistakes, IT ALL STAYS IN. That made all the difference and I started using my notebook for morning pages, notes about my new tarot practice, to-do lists, life-lists and planning grids for my business. It really isn't pretty at all but it's damn liberating. I also love using a blank journal, I've always had ruled ones in the past, but the blank opens up so many more options and I've been encouraged to draw stuff and doodle more. 

If you make a mistake, or you try doodling something you don’t like, or you don’t think it’s neat enough, or heck, if someone rests their coffee cup on the open page leaving a ring stain, it stays in the book. I know this might feel very frustrating at first, but just trust me on this. Years from now, after you’ve forgotten about it, you’ll come across the scribble, or the coffee stain, and might actually be charmed by this.
— Karen | Chookooloonks

THEN I found Kara's blog. And from there the world of bullet journalling which, apparently, started here. WOW. Now you have to understand that I have always been a bit of a stationary nerd. As a kid I loved hanging out in the local stationary store and dreamed about working in one when I grew up. Whenever September came around and a new school year started I got SO excited about getting new stationary and starting with a fresh exercise book and new pens. However, I have always been a bit of a perfectionist when it came to these things and as soon as I made a mistake or started getting sloppy I would get frustrated and lose interest. Until a new new year or new class would warrant a fresh start. 

I am not a tidy or even particularly arty journaler. And I am learning to be ok with that and to be as creative as I can and want to be while developing a system that helps me get organized using my analog brain. Because my digital brain is pretty overloaded as it is and as much as I love technology I am falling in loved with this analog way of structuring my days, tasks, notes and dreams. I am still at the very beginning of all of this but I LOVE my journal and have started carrying it with me everywhere. Having EVERYTHING in one book is great and feels so much less overwhelming than any other system I've tried.

Since then I've watched quite a few bullet journaling videos on Youtube and joined a couple of Facebook groups, including Kara's Boho Berry Tribe which is a lovely group. My mind boggles a bit but I am also feeling super inspired. This is such a fun way to get organized (because let's be honest, I do kind of love organizing) and I'm just excited about trying different layouts and such until I find the system that works best for me. There is no right or wrong way about this which I love. 

Anyway, all of this had a lot to do with today's inspiration to get creative with my nephew's presents. And you know what? Today was also the first day in a while where I didn't comfort eat through a whole box of oreos or gummy bears. I just ate normally and cooked a nice dinner in the evening instead of ordering take out. Seriously, my head has been in a bit of a crazy place with my eating and while I don't think it's over yet, I feel calmer about all of this than I have in a while. Mind you, it's not just the eating that's playing with my head, I am also looking at a potential change of direction with my business and that makes me feel nervous and excited all at the same time. But more about that another time. It's after midnight and tomorrow morning I am driving down to Seattle to pick up one of my oldest friends who is visiting from the UK. Can't wait to see her and looking forward to some serious girly time :)

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