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Would you like to have an expert's undivided attention?

You can literally ask me anything about your Squarespace website or – if you're a web designer – about your business. I'm officially endorsed by Squarespace as an Authorized Trainer and rank on Google's page one!

Ask Me Anything about Squarespace, your website, eCourse or business!・Kerstin Martin Squarespace Studio

What I can help you with

Squarespace Design & Technical Questions

How To's・SEO・CSS

Website Review・Start or Grow Your Business

You can ask as many questions as we can fit into an hour!

What to expect


How to get the most out of our session together. This is all about YOU and tailored to your needs.


What you need

I am using Zoom for online meetings and you will need to download the app if you don’t have it already. It’s free and you can download it when you click on the Location link in your confirmation email. Please also keep a pen and notepad ready to take notes during the session. I recommend that you email me your questions beforehand so that I can prepare, this will save us time during the session and make it more effective.

During the session

The sessions are one hour and you can ask as many questions as we can fit in! The format is flexible and I encourage you to take notes while we talk. We may do a screen share and I may send you links to resources during our chat. Sessions are automatically recorded and you will be sent a download link for the recording afterwards. If I cannot answer a question during our session I will try and find one and email it to you.

Why ask me?

I've been using Squarespace for more than 10 years, five of those as a professional web designer and online teacher. I am also a Squarespace Circle member and Authorized Trainer. I live and breathe Squarespace! I also have decades of professional experience across different industry sectors and I have successfully grown my own business by 300% in three years. I've been there and done it and am living it!

Fee $225

Kind Words

Testimonial for Kerstin Martin's Ask Me Anything by Valerie Day of Nu Shooz

"What a relief to find someone who is so fun to learn from! From the first time I saw Kerstin’s website, I knew I’d found just the right person to help me with my own. Kerstin has exquisite design sense AND a lovely, organized, geeky expertise in the Squarespace universe. After taking a couple of her courses, it was clear my instincts had been correct – I’d found someone who I could trust to (over!) deliver. When Kerstin started her ‘Ask Me Anything’ service - I jumped on the opportunity. I had a bit of a list going of things I needed help with to polish my almost-finished website. My hour with her was AMAZINGLY productive. She made it through the list in no time AND the follow-up was amazing, too! I came away with EXACTLY what I needed - and more. I can’t recommend Kerstin highly enough!"

– Valerie Day・Musician & Teacher

Kelly Osterhout at Modern Money・Testimonial for Kerstin Martin Squarespace Studio "Ask Me Anything" session

"My hour with Kerstin saved me 20 hours of research and DIY tutorials. Kerstin jumps right in and by the end of the session I had three solutions for nagging problems. Even better, I knew I’d made the right decision within the first five minutes because Kerstin’s experience and capabilities are front and center. I trusted her the entire time and felt a relief by the end of the call. She earned the right to be top of my mind for the next round of problem-fixing."

– Kelly Osterhout

Theresa Chaney's Testimonial for Kerstin Martin's Ask Me Anything session・Kerstin Martin Squarespace Studio

"When Kerstin announced her ‘Ask Me Anything’ service, I jumped at the opportunity. An hour on video with Kerstin all to myself with her undivided attention! I couldn’t pass that. Our meeting couldn’t have gone any better. Kerstin was sooo relatable, patient, and straight forward during our meeting. I walked away from the session with tons of ideas, suggestions, tips and so much more. If you are even thinking about this service, go for it! You won’t be disappointed! Kerstin is a gem!"

– Theresa Chaney・Web Designer

Anne Eston's Testimonial's for Kerstin Martin's Ask Me Anything seesion・Kerstin Martin Squarespace Studio

"I'm so glad I stumbled upon Kerstin and her courses! As a creative individual and business owner, I knew Squarespace was the right choice for my website, but I just needed that extra bit of help to get me to the next level with my site. Kerstin was amazing – not only did she patiently answer all of my questions, but she shared insights and tools that were above and beyond my expectations. Her 1:1 consultation was a great investment, and I have my eye on one of her courses as a follow-up. Make no mistake, Kerstin knows her stuff! I highly recommend her courses and services. You're in good hands with her."

– Anne EstonWriter, Editor & Literary Coach

Justin Mabee Testimonial for Kerstin Martin's Ask Me Anything about Squarespace sessions

"Kerstin was wonderful with our session! As a business owner and freelancer myself, it was so good to have one-on-one time with another professional. Kerstin took a look at my work and the way I was selling and gave me great feedback that, once implemented, has already helped me land more projects. If you need any help in any kind of web design or your business, she’s the best person to talk to!"

– Justin Mabee・Web Designer