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Learn how to host your e-course on Squarespace!

Save the money for a Teaching Platform and host your e-Course on your own website!


With so many options out there this can quickly become a confusing and rather costly exercise. When I decided to teach Squarespace 101 online I did a lot of research and I came to the conclusion that I really loved the idea of hosting it on my own Squarespace website. Here’s why:

  • NO FEES for 3rd party hosting or membership functionality.
  • YOUR STUDENTS WILL LOVE IT. It’s a stylish and well organized classroom.
  • BRAND CONSISTENCY. Because you are using your own fonts, colors and design.
  • CONVENIENT. Your students only need to know one place: your website.
  • SECURE. You use Squarespace’s built-in password system.
  • BEAUTIFUL. Take full advantage of all of Squarespace’s gorgeous styling options.
  • EASY. You already know Squarespace and your website, no need to learn a new system.
  • SEAMLESS. Selling through Squarespace is easy on all their plans.
  • PAYMENT OPTIONS. Students can pay by credit card or PayPal.
  • GREAT SUPPORT. You can contact customer support 24/7 and they are wonderful!


Want to see what a course hosted on Squarespace looks like? Sign up for my free Squarespace SEO course and check it out!


About this course


Because Squarespace does currently not offer a membership functionality I am using custom CSS, Java code injection and a Zapier routine to ensure an automated sign-up process and a seamless and positive experience for your students. I show you how to do all of this using easy to follow step-by-step written and video instructions. This course is suitable for those who have evergreen or seasonal drip-feed courses.


The templates that work best with my proposed set-up are Anya, Bedford, Bryant, Hayden or Five, or any template that does NOT have sidebars. I also recommend that you already have a website on Squarespace and are familiar with the basics of how to use Squarespace.

How long will it take?

Some effort and patience is required but if you follow all the steps and use the checklists, then you can have your course structure and automated sign-up process all ready to go within 2-3 hours. Once everything is in place you don’t have to touch it again and can fully focus on adding your content.

What does the automated sign-up process look like?

Squarespace is currently unable to email product specific purchase confirmations or to add a customer email address to a product specific mailing list. With my set-up your customer instantly receives two emails after purchasing your course: one from Squarespace with the purchase confirmation as well as a welcome email with the login information to your course. Your customer's email address is also added to a product specific mailing list in Mailchimp. While I explain how to do this with Mailchimp you can also use this set-up with other email services  as long as Zapier has an app for them. All of this is fully automated and once implemented you don’t have to touch it again and can focus on adding your eCourse content. 


This is a self-paced course to which you have life-time access.


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Kind Words

Elizabeth Renee - Testimonial - How to host your eCourse on Squarespace

"I finished your course - you have no idea how much you helped me. I've wasted so much time in recent months making the round of "learning management systems", to find none that were exactly what I wanted and even the one that came close meant I had to recreate another home online. As I was just starting to launch my online presence, it was a waste of effort. I feel so much more focused and clear since I set up my course on Squarespace. I feel it's much more intuitive than learning someone else's platform. Best of all, it costs me nothing extra. I absolutely love the fact that you can drip content. I shocked a couple of folks who were looking down their noses at my "DIY" solution. They were like, well you really need the drip feature. I was very happy to say "I got it!" They were genuinely surprised. So good for you for figuring out something so useful. Thanks! I never really spent time dabbling on Squarespace after I set up my initial site. I couldn't visualize all the possibilities, by playing with the content boxes. I love the sidebar. That was a revelation. I agree it is the cat's meow. I am looking forward to the design phase now and to adding my content. Thank you!" 
Elizabeth Renee

Sand Mew - Testimonial - How to host your eCourse on Squarespace

"Kerstin, after spending a couple of years of intermittent trials and errors of all sorts of platforms, I finally found what I was looking for to host my online program and eCourses, your course was so amazing & empowering!! I've just successfully run my first round of my 8-week online program on Squarespace and everyone loved it - thanks to you and your course!! Big gratitude!"
Sand Mew

Krista Dickson - Testimonial - How to host an eCourse on Squarespace

"A massive thank you to you, Kerstin, for putting together such a wonderful and helpful course. My favorite part is how much FUN it is to put your lessons together in Squarespace! I've used Teachable for my courses before, and it's nowhere near as fun or intuitive!"
– Krista Dickson


Don’t want to DIY it?

No time or inclination to do it yourself? I can help you set up the structure for your eCourse on your Squarespace website. This includes: Preparing your password protected blog for your lessons, creating a product so you can sell your eCourse on your website, adding the code and Zapier routine so that your payment process is seamless and fully automated. This means that when someone purchase your eCourse, their email address is instantly added to a dedicated mailing list and they receive a welcome email with the course login details. Once I have implemented this for you, you don’t have to do anything else and can fully focus on adding your content.