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A heart-centered approach and tools & strategies for launching your own successful web design business

Kerstin Martin Squarespace Studio HQ!

Kerstin Martin Squarespace Studio HQ!


Squarespace changed my life! It could change yours, too.

Stacy de la Rosa Testimonial for Squarespace BizBox・Kerstin Martin Squaredspace Studio
Purchasing BizBox gave me the confidence to jump right in. In addition to the FANTASTIC content the BizBox Facebook group is invaluable and wonderfully supportive. I think of Kerstin as my (most amazing) business mentor, thank you for everything!
Stacy de la Rosa, Design & Development
Susan Liimatta Testimonial for Squarespace BizBox・Kerstin Martin Squarespace Studio
I am learning so much from you! Your course content is excellent and is helping me grow as a designer. Thank you so much for your generosity as a teacher, there is no way I would have the confidence I have to be successful without all you’re sharing!
Susan Liimatta, Web Designer & Quilter
Dal Kular Testimonial for Squarespace BizBox | Kerstin Martin Squarespace Studio
You really have shared so much, BizBox is a true game changer, so generous and transparent, but mostly it is bull-shit free EMPOWERMENT. Seriously, I can see women create sustainable businesses from your course, even if they are not web designers!
Dal Kular, Writer & Mentor

There are no secrets to my success, just strategies, tools, skills and yes, hard work.


BizBox is all about a tangible skill – Squarespace web design – and building a sustainable and thriving business around that.

You can earn a great living as a Squarespace Web Designer and in this course I offer an exclusive look into my own studio and share all the documents, workflows and tools that have helped me grow into a very successful business.

Do you love creative work, have a knack for design and technical concepts and enjoy working with people? Do you not shy away from doing the work and committing to the journey?

If your answer to these questions is yes then you will love this course which will give you a head start and lots of support for building your own successful web design business!


Providing a great service and delivering high quality work is at the core of everything I do. If this sounds like the kind of business you would like to run then you've come to the right place!


Course OVerview


1. Introduction
Course notes and checklist.

2. What Do You Need?
This is all about setting the scene, making sure you have enough skills to get going and looking at your safety net and work environment.

3. Finance & Legal
How to set up your business legally and financially, I am sharing my documents, juicy spreadsheets and lots of great resources.

4. Systems & Tools
The logistics of running a business, what systems and technology I use to organise myself, my clients and my workflow. This is where the magic happens!

5. Sales & Marketing
This part can feel very daunting to new business owners! But it doesn't have to be and I share everything I have done that resulted in me having a steady stream of clients and eventually a waiting list –– all without having a big social media footprint!

6. Support
Where to get support for Squarespace and your business. Psst, much of this is about Community over Competition.

7. Learn, make mistakes and grow
It is almost impossible to grow a business without making mistakes and I've certainly made mine. In this course I share everything I have learned in this respect so that you can get a jump start!

Testimonial from Elné Pretorius for Kerstin Martin’s Squarespace BizBox course
Thank you so much for your BizBox course! I recently got accepted into Squarespace Circle and I still reference a lot of your training as I go along. BizBox is the only course where I can go “ahhhh” and relax, knowing that someone’s going to guide me through it all with love and empathy. Thanks for who you are and the amazing approach you have to teaching, networking, designing and business!
Elné Pretorius, Digital Marketing & Web Design
Walter Beck Testimonial for Kerstin Martin's Squarespace BizBox.png
Just wanted to say how invaluable all your guidance is Kerstin! I gobbled up your BizBox eCourse months ago and have been revisiting all the material the past two weeks—and, keep finding new kernels of gold! I really appreciate the plethora of material you’ve laid out for all of us. I can see going back to it monthly as I get everything together. Thank you for creating such a supportive resource!
Walt Beck

Course Curriculum


Need More Technical Skills & Hands-On Support?

  • My bundles come with exclusive access to my private Facebook group where I offer support and share Squarespace news.

  • To learn the technical side of Squarespace check out the bundles below, which include my design courses Squarespace 101 or 201 for everything you need.

Liz Kalloch Testimonial for Squarespace BizBox・Kerstin Martin Squarespace Studio
I just read through to Module 4 and watched your Design & Tech Tool video, and can I say? You are just as charming, generous, quirky and thoughtful as I ever thought you were. Plus the knowledgeable and well-spoken about Squarespace thing? Tremendously awesome. Am so very grateful and happy to be a part of BizBox, thank you!
Liz Kalloch, Design & Illustration
Sally Robertson Testimonial for Squarespace BizBox・Kerstin Martin Squarespace Studio
Kerstin, you’ve outdone yourself! BizBox is absolutely EXCELLENT!! Thank you for all the experience and wisdom you’ve poured into this course! I think there is huge value in it for all kinds of entrepreneurs - not just Squarespace designers. I am so impressed and so grateful to have all of this information in one place!! BRAVA and thank you!!
Sally Robertson, Ink: The Story Studio

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