Squarespace 101


Confidently create a beautiful, professional looking website without the expense of hiring a designer

 Squarespace 101・Kerstin Martin Squarespace Studio

Are you ready for a new website but feel daunted by the prospect of doing it Alone?


With my clear and easy-to-follow tutorials you'll design a website you’re proud of!  As an experienced Squarespace Web Designer & Authorized Trainer I am here to help you navigate the technical, conceptual and visual aspects of creating a gorgeous website on a platform that is very intuitive and easy to use.

Building a brand new website is much like building a house. 

I will take you through the process of preparing your foundation, building the frame and roof, filling your house with beautiful things and getting it ready for launch into the world.

This is not a course where you are left to your own devices!

I am very active in our private Facebook group where I offer technical support and design feedback, and also share Squarespace news. My teaching style is supportive, engaged and relaxed.

 Amy Kervin Testimonial for Squarespace 101・Kerstin Martin Squarespace Studio
Squarespace 101 was a game-changer for me! Kerstin is incredibly talented and made website design accessible to me, someone without any background in this area. My only regret is that I didn’t take her course sooner, it would have saved me so much time!
— Amy Kervin, Love Uncluttered

 This course includes a 20% Squarespace discount code and FREE access to my SEO Plus course


Course Overview

1. Pre-Everything
Understanding domain registration and where does it all live. Plus a very handy checklist!

2. Foundation
Make design choices, select your template and organize your assets. Students love the tool box!

3. Build It
Where the party happens! Design and customise your pages, add your content.

4. Housekeeping
Website settings, SEO and fine tuning.

5. Pre-Launch
Check your nuts and bolts.

6. Launch
Connect your custom domain and go live! 

7. Post-Launch
Share on social media and a bit more admin.


 Susannah Grace Testimonial for Squarespace 101・Kerstin Martin Squarespace Studio
In addition to all the clear technical know-how tutorials, Kerstin also unstintingly answers questions, solves problems and offers great feedback in the Facebook group. A very encouraging, enabling and empowering learning experience!
— Susanna Grace

Course Curriculum


Follow the natural design flow of a professional and still practicing web designer and be amazed at what you will create 

1. Pre-Everything

1.1 Domain Management
1.2 Checklist

2. Foundation

2.1 Getting Started
2.2 Squarespace Premium Features
2.3 Choose Your Template
2.4 Under Construction Page
2.5 Get Organized & Toolbox
2.6 Choose Your Images
2.7 Prepare Your Images
2.8 Colors & Fonts

3. Build It

3.1 Setting Up Your Pages
3.2 Adding Banner Images
3.3 Style Editor, Colors & Fonts
3.4 Content Blocks
3.5 Indexes and Folders
3.6 Photos & Galleries
3.7 Newsletter Form
3.8 Contact Form
3.9 Set Up Your Blog
3.10 Add Blog Subscription
3.11 Summary Blocks
3.12 Add a Product
3.13 Fine Tune Your Site

4. Housekeeping

4.1 Website Settings
4.2 SEO like a Pro

5. Pre-Launch

5.1 Check your Spelling & Links
5.2 URL Redirects (301)

6. Launch

6.1 Connect Custom Domain

7. Post-Launch

7.1 Social Sharing Logo
7.2 Website Fact Sheet

8. Resources

8.1 Resources & Documents




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