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What Participants are saying:

"There are so many things I love about Kerstin's Squarespace 101 course that it's hard to know where to start! This self-paced course goes way beyond teaching the basics of setting up a website in Squarespace, although it does do that extremely well. 

Kerstin, in her ever logical and ever gentle manner shares with you her whole design process from getting organized at the very beginning to exploring templates to see which would best suit your website to the nitty gritty of developing the look, content, and functionality of an effective website.  Along the way, there are gems such as about how to process and label photos efficiently, resources for colour palettes, and multiple examples of websites she has expertly developed. 

In the videos, Kerstin's manner is lovely and warm. You feel like she is sitting right next to you, showing you how to bring your ideas to life. Because the videos are short and well-labelled, you can focus in on a particular aspect of your website in small increments, so you don't feel overwhelmed.  Kerstin's knowledge of SQS is vast and if she doesn't know the answer to a question asked (which is rare), she will find out and share her knowledge in the Facebook group. 

The Facebook group is vibrant with fellow fledgling website designers asking questions that help everyone. There is a generous and creative vibe to the group that I absolutely love. Kerstin tends the group with timely responses and great encouragement. 

Since developing my site with Kerstin's course, I've had more views, visitors and purchases in the first 2.5 months than in the first full year of any of my other blogs. My sales process is streamlined and I love the 'back-end' selling features that are built-in to Squarespace. Without exaggeration, I can say that Kerstin's course has been instrumental in guiding me to design a robust website that has the capacity to adjust and improve as my business grows and changes. This course is outstanding and well-worth the investment."

– Melissa Fu, Spilling The Ink

"Kerstin is an unflappable, relaxed and warm guide through the website design jungle and her Squarespace 101 course is so visually appealing and logically structured that I found myself learning without realising it. In addition to all the clear technical know-how tutorials, Kerstin also unstintingly answers questions, solves problems and offers great feedback in the Facebook group. A very encouraging, enabling and empowering learning experience!"

– Susanna Grace, Yoga Teacher

"Kerstin is a wonderful teacher who shares her vast knowledge and experience of working with Squarespace in a way that is clear and easy to understand. She continuously offers timely and helpful technical support to all of her students in the Facebook group. Before I joined Kerstin’s course I felt completely overwhelmed by the task of building my own website. Working through the course helped me to understand the small steps required to complete my website, while her calm and grounded approach meant that I also really enjoyed in the process. Thank you Kerstin!"

– Melanie Paul

“Congratulations on finishing your excellent program! I've built 3 or 4 websites on my Mac. But I spent a year - a YEAR - in and out of Squarespace hitting the same brick walls over and over again. I couldn't get in. First I got caught up on choosing a template. Each one is a little different; offers different options, and all are flexible, but what does any of that mean to a total newbie? Every time I entered the site, I'd peruse the options and quickly get overwhelmed and leave.

The other thing that kept tripping me up was photos. I'm old school. I haven't kept up with all the changes online. To be fair, I've been out of the loop for too long and didn’t have a clue what to do for pics. 

Enter you. First thing, I got into your program and again got stuck on choosing a template. I had to watch the video 3 times over the course of a couple weeks before it became clear to me. Thanks for laying it all out so clearly while also narrowing the choices down to a manageable size. 

Once I got through choosing a template, I completely blissed out on your toolbox! OMG!! Thank you! I got so much from that section, I spent a whole day on it and really gobbled up your suggestions. You even gave tips on file organization. Very thorough. Unlike so many programs I've taken, I don't feel like you're leaving me in the dust, or skimming through things assuming I already know it. (Thank you for that). 

Great program Kerstin! So glad I signed up!"

– Jenifer Ebel, The Smiling Yogi

"This is good stuff, and if you are *at all* feeling the pull toward this course, I highly recommend you take the leap! I was on the fence for a bit, and finally did it - I'm delighted to report this course is clear, complete, and wonderfully articulate! (Note: I have been doing curriculum design for online learning professionally for the past 18 years = I'm a tough customer!) One of my favorite things Kerstin provides is a "checklist" to follow as you navigate the course - just one example of the thoughtful organization of this course. Well done!"

– Gail Overstreet, Writer


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