3-Day-Wonder Copy Package


A beautiful website is only half the picture

by Sophy Dale


You need engaging web copy to draw in your ideal clients and highlight exactly why they should choose your service or product. The heart of your web copy comes from just two pages. But they're the most challenging ones to write: your About Me page and your Services/Work With Me page.

I have more than 20 years experience working in the arts, publishing and charity sectors. I’m also a serial entrepreneur, having run three different companies. I have walked the walk and know first-hand what it is like to be an entrepreneur finding your voice, and I look at your business as a whole and how your copy fits into the bigger story you want to be telling. 

I can take the swirl of facts, case studies, qualifications, features and benefits in your head and turn them into two fresh, compellingly-written pages that showcase you at your best.

Here's how it works:

  1. I'll ask you to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire to make sure we can make the most of our time in our first 1:1 session together.

  2. We'll have our first (75-minute) consultation where I find out all about you and your business and get clear on your messaging, tone, and content.

  3. I go away and write a first draft of your About page using the messaging, tone and content we discussed.

  4. We'll do a follow-up, live revision session using Google drive and Zoom video.

  5. I'll draft your Work With Me page.

  6. We'll meet for another live editing session.

  7. I'll do any final edits, and give you one last chance to make any final changes before you sign off on your copy.

And just like that, you have your two most important pages of web copy (fully aligned with you and your voice) which can  sell your services for you.



For your convenience this amount will be added to your 3-Day-Wonder package if you chose this service.

I will let Sophy know and she will get in touch with you and arrange your sessions so that your copy is ready for your 3-day design.

Sophy Dale is a UK based writer, brand storyteller and brand voice strategist. Find out more at sophydale.com