Squarespace 101


Squarespace 101


Launch your own beautiful website without the cost of hiring a designer! You will love my easy step-by-step tutorials and unlimited expert support in my Facebook group.

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With step-by-step tutorials and personal support, you'll confidently create a beautiful, professional looking website without the expense of hiring a designer.

Do you...

  • Want your blog and website to look more professional so you can start earning money with it?
  • Need a website for your budding business but cannot quite afford a web designer?
  • Have photos, stories or products that you wish to showcase or sell?
  • Feel disenchanted with your current website platform and ready for something new and easier? 
  • Feel overwhelmed by the technology and the thought of doing it all yourself?
  • Crave clarity, function and beauty for your website and online presence?


With so many options out there it can be daunting to know where to start and how to do this. I am here to help you navigate the technical as well as conceptual challenges of creating your own website using Squarespace. 

Squarespace, as you may already be aware, is a hosted service that provides stunning templates and a very user friendly and intuitive design interface. As a successful web designer and long time blogger I will teach you the ins and outs of Squarespace in a way that is easy to follow and implement.

Building a brand new website is much like building a house.

I will take you through the process of preparing your foundation, building the frame and roof, filling your house with lovely content and getting it ready for launch into the world.

My teaching style is supportive, engaged and relaxed.

This is not a course where you are left to your own devices! I am very active in the Facebook group where I offer technical support and design feedback, and also share current Squarespace news.


Squarespace 101 is a self-paced course and you get immediate lifetime access to all materials. There are seven sessions which are broken down into bite-size lessons. You can either do the lessons consecutively - which follows my natural design flow - or jump in and out of lessons as needed. Everything is clearly organized to fit the needs of your own learning pace. In addition to the technical how to's of building a Squarespace website I am also sharing my design process as well as the resources I am using and all my little tricks and tips that I have learned. The seven sessions cover the following:

1. PRE-EVERYTHING | Before you start
2. FOUNDATION | Preparation and branding
3. BUILD IT | Design, customization and content
4. HOUSEKEEPING | Website admin, configurations and fine tuning
5. PRE-LAUNCH | Check your nuts & bolts and makes sure everything is in place
6. LAUNCH | Connect website to your custom domain and go live!
7. POST-LAUNCH | Share on social media and a bit more admin

My goal with this course is to teach you everything I know to get you started and create a beautiful website in Squarespace!