A Fresh Approach

 A Fresh Approach to Desiging Websites・Kerstin Martin Squarespace Studio

The internet is not only riddled with badly designed and poorly working websites, it has also become a place where the pyramid scheme of the gold-rush entrepreneur ("Make six figures in six months by following my top secret steps!") has resulted in shouty cookie-cutter websites that lack substance and personality. As an HSP and empath it is a lot to take in. So when I launched my studio in 2014 my mission was clear:

I want to operate from a place of integrity where delivering a great service and high quality websites is at the core of everything I do.

Since then I have witnessed numerous clients increase their sales and reconnect with their customers, simply because they now have a gorgeous and well organized website that perfectly reflects them and their true business values. When my client's own customers say that they have a sense of recognition when they step into my client's business or when they meet my client in person, then I know I did a good job.

“Our website truly matches the look and feel of our business thanks to Kerstin’s beautiful work. From the initial consult to the meticulous details, she was such a breeze to work with and created a website that perfectly reflected our vision. Her creative and stylish eye knows what “works” and her expertise is invaluable. I’d recommend her work in a heartbeat!”
— Emma Weinberg, Hotel Manager