Business Mentoring

Are you looking for guidance on how to navigate this entrepreneurial journey and grow your business without selling out your integrity and soul?


Building an online business in what often feels like a high-noise environment can be hard and demoralizing for those of us who are highly sensitive and/or introvert.


I can help you find a way.

I’ve been there and done it, and am still doing it. Over the course of five years I’ve built a very successful design studio, organically and from zero to six figures. Even though I despise the six-figure hustle that’s all about exploiting our pain points, there is nothing wrong with wanting to build a profitable business. In fact, good income is almost guaranteed if you put in the effort, commitment, and right kind of strategies.

It is possible to grow a thriving business while staying aligned with your own needs and heart-centered values.


How Does it Work?

Mentoring with me is all about YOU.

  • Where are you?
    We will talk about where you are right now with your business and where you want to be.

  • How are you?
    We will look at your home and professional environment and identify areas that drain your energies and resources, and come up with strategies to better balance the needs of your personal life and your business.

  • What is working and what not?
    Together we will evaluate the skills and systems you have in place right now and I will make recommendations for improved efficiencies as and where needed.

  • Need to get unstuck?
    While mental and emotional barriers play a role in feeling stuck we will focus on systematic and practical steps you can take to move forward. This is all about doing it.


We will meet 6 times for one-hour sessions over the course of three months.



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My kind of mentoring is taylored to you and your needs while being infused with practical strategies drawn from my own substantial business and life experience.


How to Apply

OCT-DEC booked out | JAN-MAR booked out | APR-JUN available


I accept two mentoring clients per quarter and to make sure we are a good fit I kindly ask you to submit this application. I will let you know whether I think I can help you. Thank you so much!