1.1. Welcome!

Welcome to Squarespace Classroom MS

In this course I show you how to set up and style your eCourse as well as how to connect and configure MemberSpace to protect your content and offer individual user login.

I love hosting all my courses on Squarespace! And I think you will, too. There is just something about keeping everything in one place and being able to take full advantage of Squarespace’s wonderful styling options. You will have the best looking classroom around!

A few notes before you begin:

  • Video Cover Pages
    When you create your course videos DO NOT use lesson numbers on your video cover pages! Because you might want to use the same video elsewhere, or maybe add more lessons later, or change the lesson order. Best to keep the cover page titles generic!

  • Squarespace Menu Changes
    Since recording my videos Squarespace have made a few changes to their admin menu and features. This means that some things may look a little different on your own website as opposed to what you see in the video. The actual functions haven’t changed, just the forms that hold them. If you are not sure where to find something just pop into our Facebook group and someone will help you.

    Example of old versus new Page Settings menu:

Add Password.png
Blog Password.png
  • Go at Your Own Pace
    This is a self-paced course so take as much or as little time as you want.

  • Course Navigation
    You can navigate this course two ways: 1. use the navigation in the footer of each lesson to get to the previous or next lesson. 2. Use the lesson list in the sidebar.

  • Checklist
    Download and print the checklist below to keep track of the lessons and make notes as you go along.

  • MemberSpace Support
    Because MemberSpace is a 3rd party app I am unable to offer technical support for them. However, MemberSpace has an awesome support team and you can reach out to them by calling them, or booking a demo session or get support via dashboard chat. When you are logged into your Memberspace dashboard you will see these support options in the footer.

  • E-Course Set Up and Styling Support
    For support regarding the configuration of your blog or styling your course please pop into our private Facebook group where I and other course participants will be happy to help.

Copyright Notice

All content in this course is mine and cannot be used or sold elsewhere. Content theft, unfortunately, is a reality we live with, but it is my hope that anyone taking this course does so because they want to learn the material and not because they want to copy it. Thank your for your appreciation of the hard work and considerable experience I put into all of my classes.