4.1 Customize Vimeo videos


You can embed both Vimeo or YouTube videos in your course, either by using the Squarespace Video block or by adding the video behind MemberSpace’s firewall (recommended).

I love Vimeo because of its superior embedding and privacy options. So I thought I’d share here how I prepare and embed my Vimeo videos.


Step 1

After uploading your video to Vimeo go to > Settings > General

Scroll down to Thumbnail. If you don't like the thumbnail that Vimeo chose for you this is where you change it. Click on Edit thumbnail > Select from video and then click the Play button. Click on Select this Frame when you see a snapshot of what you would like to see as your video's first thumbnail. Save at the bottom of the General section and then delete the old thumbnail.

  • Next go to Privacy and select "People with the private link" from the drop-down lost. Scroll to bottom and save. This will give you the link to your video that you can then add to Squarespace or MemberSpace.

  • Now configure “Where can this video be embedded?”. I usually select Specific domains and add my main domain and my Squarespace domain. If you are adding your videos to MemberSpace you also need to add your MemberSpace URL here. This is important so that you can see the videos when you are logged into your website.

  • Who can comment”. I usually select No one.

  • I also make sure that People can download or add to collections is NOT turned on.

  • Add the video to an album if you have one.

  • Save everything.

Step 2

Next go to the > Embed Tab.

I have a Preset and select that. If you don’t have one click on Manage presets and create one. I tend to keep things pretty minimal and uncheck everything and only keep these:

  • Playbar

  • Volume

  • Fullscreen

  • Custom color (I add my brand color)

Step 3

Go to > Interaction Tools

I only configure After video here and set it to Thumbnail which will return the video to my thumbnail image after it’s been played. You can of course choose your own ending here!

Step 4

Add link to your lesson.

Copy the privacy link and either add it to a video block in Squarespace or to your Content Links in MemberSpace.

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