2.7 The Sidebar

Why I love the Sidebar!

We are almost there! Just a few more configurations and then we are done with setting up the blog. If you already use a sidebar on your website then you will know just how versatile it is. I love using the sidebar for my courses, it's where I list and link to all my modules and lessons for easy navigation. And you can add other things, too, like:

  • Photos

  • Introduction paragraph

  • Link to your private Facebook group

  • Links to other parts of your website

  • List your other products

  • Your Instagram feed


If your templates does not have a sidebar I highly recommend using the Sidebar Plugin, see next lesson.

Two Sidebar Nagivation Options

1. Manual Navigation

  • Flexible design.

  • Easy to shift lessons around.

  • A bit more work.

  • Not automated so you have make any changes manually.

> Go to Manual Navigation lesson

2. Archive Block Navigation

  • Auto populates content.

  • Use categorize or tags to organize.

  • Show or hide lesson date.

  • Ascending or descending lesson order.

  • CSS styling options.

  • Unlimited lessons.

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