3.3 Member Plans

Configure your eCourse in MemberSpace

We already set up our Member Plan, i.e. eCourse, during lesson 3.1 but if you need to make changes, or want to run an Early Bird offer without access yet, this is where you go.

MS Member Plan 4.png

Add eCourses & Discounts

When you click on Member Plans you see a list of your existing course/s and have the option to add more courses and also to add a course discount, or coupon.

MS Member Plan 1.png

eCourse Information

This is where you add/update your eCourse name and payment amount.

You can also add a description that appears on the payment window and in your purchase confirmation email.

MS Member Plan 2.png

Taxes & Plan Details

This is where you add any taxes if applicable and also any eCourse expiration dates.

Here you also have a nice overview of all the Member Pages that can be accessed by this eCourse and you can select or deselect any of them easily.

MS Member Plan 3.png

Early Bird / First Lesson

Here is how I set up my Early Bird offer, during which students did not have access yet to my course (because I was still working on it!).

  1. I created a landing page for the Early Bird offer on my website.

  2. In MemberSpace I went to my Member Plan and changed the After Sign Up and After Log In URL’s to that of my Early Bird landing page.

  3. When I was ready to launch I replaced this URL with the URL of my first lesson.

Linking to your Course

The Member Plan is where you ‘link’ your course to your MemberSpace. Once your couse is ready to go live you add the URL of the page where you want your students to start.

This could be for instance:

  • A member welcome page.

  • The first lesson/blog post (do NOT link to the main blog here).

  • A page with a list of all your courses or products. If your students try to access a course on this page that they have not purchased they would get a MemberSpace sign up window for this course.

I always link to my first lesson/blog post but with Memberspace you have a lot of options!