3.5 Mailing List

Do you want to be able to email your course participants?

MemberSpace does not keep a mailing list of your members so if this is something that is important to you, you will need to use a 3rd party marketing email provider, like Mailchimp.

MS Newsletter Sign Up.png

Important Note: If you want to comply with GDPR regulations do not add customers to a general marketing email list, e.g. your newsletter. If you use Mailchimp for your newsletter you can use MemberSpace’s Mailchimp integration and add an option at check-out that your customers can check if they want to receive your newsletter.

If you want to do that go to > Customize > Sign Up Fields > Add Sign Up Field

You can keep a list of course participants for the sole purpose of sending them updates related to the course they purchased. I do this with all my classes since my courses are of technical nature and I want to to be able to send the occasional course update or info on changes that Squarespace have implemented.

There are a couple of options for keeping a course-specific email list:

1. Mailchimp Integration

This is the method to use if you have dedicated audiences PER course in your Mailchimp account. MemberSpace does not work if you use tags or groups for your course lists in Mailchimp.

Go to > Customize > Integrations > Mailchimp and connect your Mailchimp account. Once done you will see the form below.

Click on Choose list per Member Plan and select the audience for your course.

MS Mailchimp Integration.png

2. Zapier Integration

If you use Groups for your courses in Mailchimp then you can use MemberSpace’s Zapier integration to send your customers’ email addresses to Mailchimp after a purchase.

This only works for Groups in Mailchimp, not Tags, because Zapier does not recognize tags.

IMPORTANT: When you create a group in Mailchimp select Don’t show these groups on my signup form as your group option.

You can also connect to other email providers this way, as long as Zapier has an integration with them. I use Mailchimp for my course lists so that’s what I show in this demonstration.

This is an example of my Mailchimp, I only have one audience and then groups for each course. Another thing I really like about groups is that I can see at a glance which courses someone has signed up for.

Mailchimp Groups.png
Mailchimp Audience.png

Here is what my Mailchimp set-up looks like in Zapier, watch the video to see how I did this.

Zapier MC Set Up.png

Video (11:30 Mins)