1.3 Drip-feed or Evergreen?

What kind of course will you have?

There are a few options for structuring and delivering an eCourse. Here I am focusing on three main scenarios which will determine how you configure your blog for your course:

1. Self-Paced Evergreen

That’s basically the course you are taking right now. You have immediate life-time access to all materials and can go through them at your own pace. For courses like mine, which are of a more technical nature, this makes perfect sense. The way I set this up is by creating ALL of my blog posts for my course lessons in advance and I use the blog post date to determine the order of my lessons, this will be covered in lesson 2.5. 

2. Drip-Feed

This is a course where materials are made available over time. A dynamic drip-feed releases lesson content based on a person’s sign up date while a seasonal drip-feed uses specific dates on which material is published. You can set up both via your MemberSpace configurations. And because we are using a blog for our lessons you could also use the blog post date for a seasonal drip feed.

3. Comments and Student Discussions

You have a couple of options here:

  1. Use the built-in comment system to engage your students in a more focussed fashion. This is for instance nice if you want to encourage feedback on specific lessons as you can turn comments on or off by post/lesson. Important: This only works if you are using Squarespace’s native comment system, not if you have Disqus enabled.

  2. MemberSpace has an integration with Muut, a 3rd party forum software that you can install for your course.