3.4 Customize MemberSpace

Configure and Make it Your Own

Almost everything can be customized in Memberspace and most of your settings are configured in the Customize section of your dashboard.

MS Customize.png


This is where you find the installation code as well as your login and signup links.

Custom-Sign Up.png

Where you enable or disable the floating login/signup button for your website, decide whether to ask for a ZIP code with the customer’s credit card, define cancelation options and your language and timezone settings, and more.

Custom-Connect Website.png

Add more websites and/or edit your existing connected website.

MS Customize Sign Up Field.png

Here you can add additional text, paragraph, dropdown, multiple choice and checkbox fields. This is also where you add the opt-in checkbox for your Mailchimp list if you want your customers to sign up to your newsletter for instance. I added these two mandatory fields:

  • “I agree to the Terms & Conditions” with a link to my policies page.

  • “How did you hear about my courses?” with multiple choice options.

MS Customize Dashboard.png

This takes you to your dashboard for an overview of member and plan activities. This is the same dashboard you see when you first log into your Memberspace account.

MS Customize Integrations.png

If you didn’t connect your Stripe account during setup you can do so here. This is also where you connect to Mailchimp, Zapier, Muut and various affiliate programs. Please note that the Mailchimp integration can only handle your main audiences and NOT groups or tags. If you are using the latter you need to connect to Mailchimp via Zapier (see lesson 3.4)

MS Customize Look Feel.png

For advanced users who are comfortable with CSS. Memberspace does provide code for certain actions, read the descriptions carefully and then click on copy next to the desired action and paste into the field at the top and save changes. If you are CSS savvy you can also customize screens and Memberspace sections that are not listed here.

Please note that I am unable to troubleshoot any CSS code that you are using here. (If you want to learn more about CSS feel free to check out my Squarespace 201 course.)

MS Customized Login.png

MS Customize Member Emails.png

All of the Memberspace emails are pretty basic which is not a bad thing as it keeps things to the point and also reduces the chance of emails ending up in spam folders.

You can configure these emails however you want! You can add lines, lists, links and variables. Variables are small pieces of code that will auto-populate the respective value. For instance will insert the member’s first name. As you can see these variables are pretty self-explanatory!

Below is an example of my member plan specific email. Please note: I added the line and footer text to the Default Email Layout so that this is added to any communication sent out.

MS Custom Wording Welcome2.png

MS Custom Wording Welcome.png

MS Custom Wording Default.png

MS Email Body.png

MS Customize Custom Wording.png

I love that we can change almost all the text and messages people see on the various Memberspace screens! What’s also really nice is that you can see which fields you’ve customized and simply hit the “Reset this field” button to revert any changes you’ve made.

MS Custom Wording.png

MS Customize Conversion Tracking.png

For advanced users. Here you can add special code for tracking your member activity and conversions.