2.5 Turn Off Comments

Comments or No Comments?

The beauty of using a blog to structure your course lessons is that you can use the built-in comment system for student engagement. This can work really well as you’re getting focussed feedback on the lesson at hand and students can share their experience and questions which you can also answer here. Important note: This only works with the native comment system and not if you have installed Disqus. Personally, I just use a Facebook Group for discussions and turn comments off on my course blog.

If you decide to turn comments off, there are two ways to do so:

1. In your Global Settings

  • Go to Settings > Blogging > Comments Settings.

  • Uncheck 'Enable Comments Globally'.

  • This will turn off comments for ALL your blogs on your website.

2. In the Individual Blog Posts

  • Open the Edit window of your post

  • Click on Comments On

  • Select the Comments Off option

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