3.1 Set up MemberSpace

Get Started

MS Set Up Progress.png
  1. Click here to join Memberspace (affiliate link).

  2. They will then take you through the set-up process where you’ll add your website URL, add your course pages (your blog), a member plan (your course) and install Memberspace.

  3. During this process you’ll add just one course page, you can add more later. This is just to get you going on Memberspace.



If your template uses Ajax Loading make sure it is disabled, i.e. leave it unchecked. If you have Ajax enabled Memberspace will not work properly.

Memberspace Support

MS Help Button.png

Because Memberspace is a 3rd-party app I am unable to offer technical support for them via this course. However, Memberspace has an awesome support team and you can reach out to them by calling them, or booking a demo session or get support via dashboard chat.

When you are logged into your Memberspace dashboard you will see these options for support in the dashboard footer:

MS Daschboard Footer.png

Video Tutorial (12 mins)