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Learn how to host your e-course on Squarespace!

Not sure where to host your e-course?


With so many options out there this can quickly become a confusing and rather costly exercise. When I decided to teach Squarespace 101 online I did a lot of research and I came to the conclusion that I really loved the idea of hosting it on my own Squarespace website. Here’s why:

  • IT'S FREE! No fees for 3rd party hosting or membership functionality.
  • YOUR STUDENTS WILL LOVE IT. It’s a stylish and well organized classroom.
  • BRAND CONSISTENCY. Because you are using your own fonts, colors and design.
  • CONVENIENT. Your students only need to know one place: your website.
  • SECURE. You use Squarespace’s built-in password system.
  • BEAUTIFUL. Take full advantage of all of Squarespace’s styling options.
  • SEAMLESS. Selling through Squarespace is easy on all their plans.
  • PAYMENT OPTIONS. Students can pay by credit card or PayPal.
  • GREAT SUPPORT. You can contact customer support 24/7 and they are wonderful!

About this course


Because Squarespace does currently not offer a membership functionality I used a bit of custom CSS, some code injection and a Zapier routine to ensure an automated sign-up process and a seamless and easy experience for my students. In this course I will take you through everything step-by-step, using written and video instructions. 

This is a self-paced evergreen course to which you will have life-time access.

You can have your course structure and sign-up process all ready to go within 2-3 hours and then you don’t have to touch it again and can fully focus on adding your content.

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Don’t want to DIY it?

No time or inclination to do it yourself? I can help you set up the structure for your eCourse on your Squarespace website. This includes: Preparing your password protected are for your lessons, creating a product so you can sell your eCourse on your website, adding the code and Zapier routine so that your payment process is seamless and fully automated. This means that when someone purchase your eCourse, their email address is instantly added to a dedicated mailing list and they receive a welcome email with the course login details. Once I have implemented this for you, you don’t have to do anything else and can fully focus on adding your content.

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