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How to host an e-course on Squarespace with Memberspace – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


To use Memberspace you will need to be on the Squarespace Business Plan or higher. Furthermore I recommend that you are familar with Squarespace and know how to build and design pages and blog posts.

How do I keep my content safe?

Memberspace uses 3 levels of protection to keep your content and students safe. Memberspace is also GDPR compliant.

What kind of course can I host?

  • Evergreen courses that participants can access at any time and take at their own pace.

  • Date-driven drip-feed courses, i.e. where content is released on scheduled dates.

  • Dynamic drip-feeding, i.e. where course lessons are released based on the customer's sign-up date.

Is this method compatible with Squarespace version 7.1?

Squarespace are currently developing a new version and customers are randomly offered either version 7.0 templates or 7.1. This is a so-called early release of 7.1 while they gather feedback and iron out bugs.

  • All the videos in this course show version 7.0.

  • My method uses a Squarespace blog and a sidebar for the course navigation. Some 7.0 templates do not have a sidebar in which case we use the Sidebar Plugin (affiliate link). Squarespace version 7.1 does not have a sidebar and the Sidebar Plugin does not yet work with 7.1.

  • Therefore I do not yet recommend 7.1 for hosting eCourses on Squarespace.

Will this work on any 7.0 template?

  • Anya, Bedford, Bryant, or Hayden work best because my proposed solution uses a unique sidebar.

  • Templates without a sidebar (e.g. any template in the Brine family) also work, here we use the Sidebar Plugin (affiliate link). I show how to do both in this course. Not sure what family your template belongs to? → Click here to find out.

  • The Five template has a global sidebar which can be turned on/off per page. If you are using the sidebar elsewhere on your website you would turn it OFF for your course and use a fake sidebar or the sidebar plugin, both of which are explained in the course.

  • These templates have a global sidebar that cannot be turned off per page and are thus NOT recommended with my method: Avenue, Bureau, Forte, Foundry, Galapagos, Ishimoto, Julia, Montauk, Om, Skye, Tudor, Wexley, Wells.

How long will it take?

A little effort and patience is required but if you follow all the steps and use the checklist, then you can have your course structure and automated sign-up process all ready to go within 3-5 hours. The lessons are easy to follow step-by-step instructions and videos, and I am always happy to answer questions in our private Facebook group should you get stuck.

Can I use videos and audio?

Yes, you can! You can either use the built-in video and audio blocks, or hide your videos and audio behind the Memberspace firewall (recommended).

Are there additional costs?

  • You will need to be on a Squarespace Business Plan or higher to be able to use Memberspace.

  • Memberspace Plans start at $25 per month.

  • Vimeo. You cannot upload videos to Squarespace so you will need to host them somewhere else, most people use Vimeo or YouTube. I love Vimeo because of their amazing privacy and embedding options. Vimeo pricing plans start at $7 a month.

If you also want to keep a dedicated mailing for all your course participants you’ll need an email provider like Mailchimp and potentially Zapier (this depends on your Mailchimp set-up, I have a lesson on this in the course).

  • Zapier is free for 2-step zaps (yours would be a 2-step) and up to 5 zaps and 100 transactions per month, if you exceed any of these you will need to upgrade to a paid plan which starts at $20 per month.

  • Mailchimp is free for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month, after that pricing plans start at $10 per month.

Can I host multiple ecourses?

Yes, you can! You can set up unlimited blogs on Squarespace and as many pages on Memberspace as you like.

Can I see a demo?

Here are some screenshots. Please bear in mind that a course will look different on your website as it will have your branding, but the basic structure will be similar to mine. Click on an image for a larger view.


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