Squarespace News: Zapier, GDPR, Language Support and More!

Squarespace News: Zapier, Language Support, GDPR, 2-Factor Authentication・Kerstin Martin Squarespace Studio

Lot's has been happening @ Squarespace, here is a round-up of the latest news:

EU General Data Protection Regulation

These new EU rules come into effect on May 25 and they will concern you if you process personal data (e.g. email addresses for a newsletter) from EU citizens, even if your business is not in the EU. I am working on a post on what exactly I am doing for GDPR compliance so watch this space!

Kerstin Martin: Is your Small Business GDPR Ready?
Squarespace GDPR Guidelines

Zapier Integration

You can now send data from forms and newsletter blocks to Zapier. Meaning, for instance, that you can use a Squarespace newsletter block with ConvertKit, via Zapier. This doesn't work for the marketing pop-up (yet) or for products (that would be my dream come true!). 

→ More info

Squarespace in Spanish and French

Yes, that's right! You can now change your Squarespace system language to Spanish or French. Meaning: things like meta data, form field labels and such are in your chosen language. German, Italian and Portugese is currently in beta testing. This does not work for multi-lingual sites, you can only chose one system language per website.

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2-Factor Authentication

I didn't even know this was in the works! But very happy to place more security around my Squarespace account. I already use the Google Authenticator for other apps, it's great!

More info and how to turn it on

.CO.UK now available at Squarespace

I don't know why this took so long but you can finally purchase .co.uk domains through Squarespace!

More info

Manage your Connected Apps

Squarespace offers a small array of mobile apps which can now be managed, and disconnected, through your account dashboard. I use the Commerce and Analytics apps, especially the latter is great, I am so impressed with the new Squarespace analytics data!

More info

Good mail day last week: a lovely gift from the equally lovely  Alauna Whelan  - thank you!

Good mail day last week: a lovely gift from the equally lovely Alauna Whelan - thank you!

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