The Art of Contentment - A Giveaway!

The Art of Contentment - Art and a Gentle Focus on Slow Living with Jane Hinchcliffe

When I started blogging in 2005 I was immediately drawn to the community aspect of this fascinating new world called Blogosphere. Suddenly I could combine my love for technology with writing and meeting wonderful new people, it was the perfect digital hat trick!

Even though I blog a lot less these days I am still actively engaged in various online communities and not all of them are Squarespace focused, which I think is important for my creative and emotional balance. Two of my favorite non-Squarespace communities are Susannah Conway’s Inside Story and Sophy Dale’s Freedom Seekers - both are filled with wonderful entrepreneurs who care about running their businesses from a place of integrity and with a whole lot of heart. I especially love some of the beautiful projects and collaborations that I get to take part in as a result of meeting these amazing women, like Jane’s inspiring 12-months art journey.

An invitation to a year of slow living and spirituality through the art of Portrait Painting.

Jane Hinchcliffe is an artist and online teacher living in the UK and I first met her in Inside Story where we connected over our common desire to build intentional businesses. I love Jane’s expressive art and how she combines her creative passion with slow living and spirituality.

Jane kindly invited me to be a part of her year-long class called The Art of Contentment and I immediately said yes because I love what she is doing here: helping us to slow down and focus on contentment and just being through portrait painting.

To celebrate my guest appearance in Jane's class for February (hint, my offering is a video interview), Jane is kindly offering 1 FREE PLACE on to her class (£150 value)

Jane Hinchcliffe, Artist・The Art of Contentment Giveaway

Let's get to know Jane first and learn a little more about the class and then I'll give you instructions on how to enter the giveaway below.

Meet Jane:

“An artist and online teacher, I’m passionate about sharing soulful, creative and practical tools that I’ve discovered through life’s challenges. My journey has encompassed depression, the life-threatening illness of a child and a transformative reconnection to art-making that felt like 'coming home'. I’m learning to approach life and all that it entails from a place of gratitude, warmth and honesty through the lens of my faith. I love helping women slow down, reclaiming their identity and finding a sense of renewal and contentment that ripples throughout their life using creativity.”

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About The Art Of Contentment:

“I believe that art helps us to switch off from the pressures of a busy world and enables us to reconnect with ourselves, refocus our priorities and slow down. Taking time to connect with our innate creativity is so important because the positive effects can be felt in other areas of life such as energy and anxiety levels, together with increased self-compassion. So, let's enjoy 2019 together as we paint through the year with soulful portraits and enjoy contributions from guests (and myself) on their insights for living a slower life and finding contentment from within.”

→ Learn more about this amazing course on Jane’s website

Giveaway details

To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment below. You can simply say hi but we'd especially love if you could share what brings you contentment.

Update: Thank you everyone for entering this humble giveaway. We have a winner: Emily KenCairn! Jane will email you with the details, you will love her course 💛