Squarespace News: PayPal, Index Editing, Home Menu, Block Resizing

Lots of things are happening at Squarespace lately! While I am still eagerly awaiting the release of version 8 (don't know when and if that will happen) they are implementing a lot of improvements and fixes to the current version.

As a Squarespace Circle member I often get news before it's made public and we also get product and feature updates. It's an amazing community that is forming here and I am so happy to be a part of it. And I thought it would be nice to also share the most relevant news with my readers on a more regular basis. 

So here is this week's news and the first announcement is a super BIG one:

1. PayPal has come to Squarespace. Finally!

This one has been on the wishlist for a long time and I am so THRILLED that we can finally accept payments through PayPal as well as Stripe! Customers basically have two options now: use Stripe for credit card payments or pay via their own PayPal accounts. This is still in Beta so just be mindful of that. I tested it on my own site and it worked great! Click here for more details.

To turn PayPal on go to ➝ Settings ➝ Payments and then click on PayPal (Beta)

2. Simplified Index Editing

For templates that have a stacked Index you can now zoom out the page for a bird's eye view of it. From here you can create, reorder and delete Index sections. This is available for any templates in these families:


Update: In the demo below the “add section” button was not working, that has now been fixed by Squarespace :) 

3. Incremental Block Resizing

Hold down the Shift key when resizing a block to adjust in in 20px increments. Here is a short video demonstrating the incremental resize on image blocks. This is a very useful little trick, for instance, for aligning side-by-side blocks and it works with:

Image Blocks
Spacer Blocks
Map Blocks
SoundCloud Blocks
Carousel Gallery Blocks

4. New Home Menu Option

If you have a store (remember, you can have a store with any Squarespace plan, not just the commerce ones) you can now chose a different home menu for your admin area. To change the menu go to ➝ Settings ➝ Advanced ➝ Home Menu

Regular Menu


Commerce Menu