What's new at Squarespace? A lot!

What’s new at Squarespace? A lot!・Kerstin Martin Squarespace Studio

Squarespace have been busy! And I am glad that many of these new features are launched now, before I start re-recording some of my course lessons to reflect all of the changes over recent months. That’s one of the things I look forward to in 2019: more time for tending to and updating my course content. So here, without further ado, are the latest updates from Squarespace!

1. New Squarespace App for On-The-Go Updating

I've been beta testing this for the last couple of months and absolutely love it! Those of you who have used the mobile blogging app will remember how limited that was in its functionality, this new app is light years ahead of that. Almost all of the desktop functionalities are available in the phone app and I use it regularly now to update my pages, or correct an error I spot or to turn on/off the notification bar or upload photos into a gallery or blog post. If I didn't dislike extensive typing on my phone so much I would probably write my blog posts this way, too! I think this will change the way we manage our websites.

Currently only available for iOS but coming soon for Android and iPad. 

→ Click here to download app

Squarespace changes to site visibility for trial sites・Kerstin Martin Squarespace Studio

2. Trial Site Visibility

Visitors used to be able to access trial website via entering a captcha on a login screen. This is no longer possible. Now there are three ways for other people to view a trial site:

  • Make them a contributor, then they can log into the site.

  • Create a password and give that to anyone you want to see the site.

  • Make the site public by upgrading from trial to a paid plan.

You can set your preference in > Settings > Site Visibility

→ Click here for more info

3. Create Trackable Links

This is a nifty feature if you use ads that point people to certain pages on your website. With these trackable links you can measure page activities accurately and easily. Works with ads on Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn. Must be on Business plan or higher.

Creat trackable link in > Marketing > Ad Tracker

→ Click here for more info

4. Traffic Alerts

Did you know that Squarespace can alert you of unusual spikes or dips in your website traffic? I have to admit, I rarely look at my stats but when I do I love all the details I get from Squarespace. Alerts are great, for instance, if you have a spike in traffic because an influencer linked to your website. That's good info to have! On the desktop alerts appear as pulsing exclamation points on the graph, while on the mobile app you can receive a push notification. Requires Business plan or higher. Mobile alerts currently only available for iOS.

→ Click here for more info

5. New Image Editor

Squarespace New Photo Editor・Kerstin Martin Squarespace Studio

Are you seeing a different image editor than what you are used to? That's because Squarespace is changing it! The new editor is slowly being rolled out so not everyone has it yet. I have never used the built-in editor much because I usually format my photos before uploading them but this is nonetheless handy for in-site editing. The new editor is quite basic but Squarespace will be adding more features over the next few months.

→ Click here for more info

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