Soul Restoration Action Plan

Driving in the rain. Pacific Northwest winter.

So. My plan to take December off is not quite happening. It was a noble ambition for sure, but probably not that realistic given the number of projects I am still working on, and new projects I am taking on. I already have a couple of potential clients lined up for April next year and I am trying really hard to protect my January-March time frame which I feel very strongly I need for my online course(s).


Check out my latest project:


The young designer I worked with last summer will take on a full website project in January, under my supervision, and I also accepted a few support projects for existing Squarespace websites. This is actually something that seems to be increasingly in demand, I have a handful of new clients who just want help with their existing sites, some sprucing up or in one case assistance with setting up a bi-lingual structure. I really enjoy these web support projects and may focus more on those next year.

The other thing that's keeping me busy is Christmas! I love Christmas and hand-crafting presents (e.g. scarves, mitts, photo calendars and books) but I am way behind this year and just about managed to send off a parcel to my nephew in Germany, which I hope will get there on time. I adore giving meaningful presents and between my family and friends it's quite normal for me to have gifts for 25-30 people. But this year it all feels a bit too much so I am scaling back a bit and now have only 16 people on my list! :) 

Soul Restoration

Anyway. It would be fair to say that these last few months have felt a tad overwhelming, between juggling work projects, weight loss/gain and the crazy circus of politics my head was spinning. And I - and my body - are in need of a deep exhale. So I had a good look at what may help me get back to my center while continuing to pursue the growth of my business. I came up with a soul restoration action plan!

1. Business Coaching with Evan Leah Quinn

I took advantage of a special offer for Evan’s Kill Your Overwhelm sessions. I am very much at a cross road with my business and unsure how to proceed from here. Evan is a successful business coach and web designer and I look forward to some guidance for my own next steps on this path.

2. Enchanted December with Meghan Genge

This started a week ago! I’ve known Meg for many years and she is on quite a magical journey and I love where she is going with it all. While there are a lot of business things to figure out I had a strong inclination that I needed this for my soul and Meg’s offering came just at the perfect time! I love the Christmas season and longed for a soft landing into this year’s spirit of warmth, love, sharing and giving. So far there have been wonderful stories, meditations and gentle journal prompts. A place to exhale for sure.

3. The Magic of Myth with Elizabeth Duvivier

To be honest, the thought of a 1-year class scares me more than a little and this is not typically something I would ever commit to. But something about this really tugged at my heart and having built a very successful creative business for herself I trust Elizabeth’s guidance and experience. But what really clinched it for me was this, and for me this is not just about my own creative business but also my relationship with my body/health/weight:

We all lead busy lives in a busy world. To effect genuine change, we need the space to practice, refine, try again until the changes we want to make in our life can truly surface. This is not a matter of talking our way into the next chapter of our story. This is the steady work of paring away habits and responses that hold us back; this is the hard work of carving a new path.
— Elizabeth Duvivier
Maddie's Christmas tree collection.