I’ve Been Quiet. And Some Business Updates.

Sunset in Fairhaven, WA | kerstinmartin.com

There are a lot of energies swirling around cyberspace and the world at large. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by it all and I know of a lot people who are quitting social media because they can no longer take the constant barrage of anger and negativity. I go quiet in these times and use this as an opportunity to reflect and become clear on where I stand amongst the noise. I believe we all have different roles to play in this big beautiful cosmic show and for my own part I’ve come to the conclusion that what I am offering is this:

A safe place.

I want people to know that they can come here (my website, my business, my home) and be heard and tended to. My love language is empathy. My super power is providing a cozy and nourishing environment where people feel welcome and cared for. It may seem odd to also relate this to a business or e-course but this absolutely extends to how I engage with my audience and customers. Just like my home in real life, I want this – my corner in this vast internet – to be a calm and peaceful place where clients and students feel safe and looked after. 

Evening walk in Boulevard Park, Bellingham, WA | kerstinmartin.com

So what’s brewing? A new e-course!

Learn how to host an e-course on Squarespace.

Now that I have been hosting my own e-course on Squarespace I can tell you that this is not only something that my students love, it is also saving me a ton of money and it's been wonderful to design this course on Squarespace where I can take full advantage of all their styling and functionality options. Best of all, I get to keep my students on my own website which makes it easier for them and also provides brand consistency.

Update: This course is now live! → Check it out here

Bellingham sunset | kerstinmartin.com

Business Updates

1. I am accepting new web design clients now.

Rather than go on my planned web design hiatus so that I can focus solely on my current and new e-courses I decided to re-organize my schedule. I keep receiving web design enquiries and it just doesn’t feel good to be turning people away and to be losing potential business. So this is what I am doing instead:

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are reserved for web design and maintenance projects. Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays are for e-courses, admin, marketing and writing.

This means that web projects may take a little longer, for example 4-8 weeks instead of 2-4. If someone has a firm deadline, I will work with that, I am always flexible.

If you are interested in working with me and want to reserve a space in my schedule, contact me for a free consultation!

2. Consistency beats intensity.

This is something a former diet coach used to say and it’s so true for pretty much anything we do. Here is a confession: I’ve been getting rather sucked into the make-big-bucks-with-your-online-biz mindset that is heating up the internet these days. I was feeling very encouraged by the fact that my e-course has so far attracted more than 80 students and I was all gung-ho to make big bucks with it, just like those big time bloggers who keep publishing their impressive monthly income reports! But when I stopped for a moment to take a deep breath I realized that, while I do want to earn a good income from my courses, much of this noise is nothing more than a cleverly marketed pyramid scheme for the click-bait entrepreneur. Ugh. So I am reigning it in again and refocusing on what Susannah Conway has been teaching in her wonderful Inside Story course:

Work from the heart and your
business will do the rest.

For me this means that rather than listening to – and feeling overwhelmed by – all the external experts I am going internal to concentrate on the substance of my own content. I have a long list of great Squarespace and productivity topics, I just need to take a moment to write them! Consistently. Because... consistency beats intensity.

3. I am separating my personal and business blogging.

Last year I closed down my diet blog in an effort to streamline both my personal and business blogging. However, I was feeling blocked by my desire to have it all on one plate and was always second guessing the level of personal writing I can do on here. I am a web designer and e-course instructor, if I want to grow my business I need to be more focused on those topics. Last year I rejected the notion of staying on topic(because I’m such a rebel!) but now that I am trying to grow my e-courses I can see that being on topic is actually a good thing for my type of business. This doesn't mean that I won’t write with the personal touch I’m known for, I will always be *me*, no matter what.

If you enjoy my personal writing please join me at The Reluctant Cook where I’ll be musing about my desire to fall in love with cooking! And, ahem, lose a few pounds along the way...

Here at the Squarespace Genie headquarters I will be writing about Squarespace and productivity news and tips & tricks, as well as stories from my life as a small business owner. All is good.

4. I am investing in a life coach.

I’ve been on the fence about this for a long time, mostly because it's expensive. While I am earning an income with my business I am not at a level yet where I have a lot of “play” money. Until I finally acknowledged that hiring a really good coach is not a guilty pleasure, it’s an investment. And isn’t it funny how the universe works once you get more aligned with your purpose? Once I had decided that I wanted to invest in getting some help I had an unexpected surge in my e-course sales and it was enough to pay for sessions with the lovely Sas Petherick! I’ve known her for a few years and also had the pleasure of meeting her in London once, she is someone I admire and respect greatly - super smart, down to earth and no bullshit. I know a few people whose lives and businesses were taken to the next level after coaching with Sas. I am ready for that. We start at the end of February and I am very excited!