Dear October

You had me at Hello!

After a very busy summer you allowed me to take a deep breath and exhale all the stress and overwhelm into your crisp morning air while giving my soul the gift of feasting on your vibrant colors. I was able to take a week off when a friend visited from Germany and instead of the forecasted 100% rain you surprised us with the most amazing sunshine. Thank you! Re-entry into work was a little hard after that week but not impossible. Your spirit remains with me and I have every intention of honoring your call to slow down and ease into this winter with grace and intention.

Hello November

I can’t actually believe that we are now in November! Only eight more weeks to Christmas! My feelings about November are forever changed as this is the month my mom passed way so unexpectedly last year. It’s all still very fresh yet also hard to believe that she’s been gone a year already. There is a deep kind of sadness and I keep looking for signs from her and not seeing them as much as I want to or think I should. The odd feathers I am finding on my walks look small and disheveled and I mostly get comfort from surrounding myself with her things and knowing that she will always be with us in our hearts. Then I started seeing owls. In my Facebook feed, on Instagram, a photo on the wall at the dentist, and just a few days in a pub we often go to for lunch - there were photos of owls all over the walls and I had never noticed them before! The owl was my mom’s spirit animal and I am so glad I was able to save her drawing of one from 1984, which I now see every morning when I wake up. What would make me really happy now is to find an owl feather!! But since I rarely venture deep into the forrest I am not sure that will ever happen so I will content myself with the lovely owl images I keep seeing. 

With only two months to go until the end of the year I am making some decisions regarding my business and my time. I am currently working on three websites and am hoping to finish them all by the end of this month and then take December off. In fact, I am not going to accept any new website projects until April next year. Which sounds like a very scary thing to say but I have a few exciting projects in the pipeline and need to focus my time on those. 

So here here is my plan:

November … finish my current projects AND my web design course. Yep, I am still working on that! I feel that I am so close but in reality it’s simply more work than I anticipated and I am also a tad distracted by my projects and other things.

December … while I am sure that I will be tying off some lingering odds and ends from my projects I want to mostly focus on enjoying the festive season as well as planning for 2017. (I am already looking forward to Susannah’s Unravelling The Year Ahead for this!). I would like December to be a month of coziness, reflection and intention.

January - March 2017 … I am not doing any website projects during the first three months of the new year because I want to fully focus on my online courses and a couple of new exciting new projects that I am planning for 2017. I will accept new website commissions again in April. 

My blogging will probably be a little sporadic during November and I am really looking forward to making more time for it going forward. Enjoy the rest of your week!