Crazy? A Little. But Entirely Possible...

Two weeks ago I asked my friend Sas: “Is it crazy to think I can write a whole e-course in two weeks?”  She replied: “Crazy? A little. But entirely possible.”  Those three words gave me so much hope and motivation as I started diving into the course materials!

Alas, yesterday I finally had to concede: I can’t do it, I am running out of time. Over the last couple of days I recorded 16 video tutorials and there are about seven or so to go. And more pages to write. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this stressed in any of my corporate jobs! And I have never felt this invigorated and happy in any of my corporate jobs!

Here is the thing: as hard as I worked these last few weeks, once I had finished my client projects and moved onto my own stuff I felt a distinct shift in my soul.

I LOVED writing this course and pouring everything I have and know into it. This is MY THING. I can feel it on a cellular level. And even video recording the lessons, which was super daunting and a steep learning curve, felt a lot more natural then I ever expected. Don’t get me wrong: there is undoubtedly room for improvement, I worked without a script and had to think on my feet a lot, and my vocabulary sometimes failed me and that’s when I say “things” or “stuff” or “erm” a lot more often than I want to. But it works. When you view the lessons it’s like we are having a chat, sitting side by side in front of a computer and I am showing you how to do “stuff.” 

When I reached the point yesterday where I realized that I won’t be able to finish it all I sat down with my choices:

1. Abandon the launch (lose face, be seen as a flake, ugh!)
2. Or, go ahead anyway and offer an amazing discount

This is a self-paced course, meaning you get immediate access to everything and then learn in your own time. I have more than enough material to get people going so I decided to go with Option 2!

I spent the rest of yesterday cleaning up my course site, testing the payment process, redesigning a couple of course elements, checking and adding more content and generally sprucing things up for the BIG LAUNCH!

Which, actually, is more of a soft launch. As anyone who has ever put together an online course knows, there are so many pieces that have to fall into place just so. For me there were a lot of logistical and technical elements to learn and with all of that I did not have a ton of time working the marketing machine. And that is probably not a bad thing. This is still a beta course of kinds and that’s why I am happy to offer it at a substantial discount and let the flow of registrations be what it will be.

She is always with me...

When I began working on my course I decided to dedicate it to my sweet mom who was so proud and happy when I started my own business as a web designer. It meant so much to her that, after all my years of wandering, I had found my passion and as a fellow geek ~ she was the original Mac girl in our family! ~ we talked shop a lot. 

She loved the idea of me offering an online course in web design, to her that was the coolest thing ever. I think it got her so excited because in her own life she was passionate about books and always wanted to be a librarian or manage a bookstore; alas, being a single mother of three this remained a dream until she retired and the internet happened. For the last ten years of her life my mom ran a very successful Amazon bookstore and she sold books every single day and she loved it! I always loved teaching workshops and that's why the idea of me doing this online ~ just like her ~ made her so happy.

A few days ago I was browsing an online library in search for some music to accompany my video tutorials when I saw it: “Gymnopedie No.1” by Erik Satie. My mom’s favorite piece of music, we played it live last November at her memorial service. There were no attribution restrictions attached to this song and I immediately knew that this was it! I take it as a sign :) 

I miss her terribly but I know that wherever she is now, she has a big proud smile on her face :)

Now Live!

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