Coming Up For Air...

Phew. The last few weeks have been a little insane. At one point I was juggling five website projects while training a new contractor AND getting my head around my upcoming web design e-course which requires a lot more online presence from me. Oh, and I also participated in an online tarot class and a couple of community projects. Because, you know, the soul wants to keeps things a bit more balanced! And while I very much enjoyed the class and learned so much about tarot (I just love it!) I was also feeling a tad overwhelmed by it all. Which is why I was not too upset when last week’s planned 4-day vacation on a local island got cut short unexpectedly, giving me more time to focus on my projects. On the upside this also meant that I was home last Wednesday when I was invited by my husband’s flying club to fly down to Port Townsend for breakfast! What a wonderful adventure that was!

Breakfast at the airport.

Breakfast at the airport.

One thing is for sure: working on so many projects at the same time is not something I would recommend! This will require better planning in future as well as setting some boundaries - which, admittedly, is not one of my strong points. But I am learning to get better at it :) My plan is to bring my contractor up to speed so that he can help me with the workload which in turn means I can accept more projects at the same time. I guess that’s called growing your business! I am certainly grateful that he approached me and asked to work with me when he did; he is not just a very nice young man but also super smart and engaged while sharing a very similar design ethic. And I really enjoy having someone to banter all things Squarespace with!

This week I am finishing up the last three projects and while I still have a couple of smaller ones that I am working on I am slowly but surely clearing my schedule so that I can fully focus on my Squarespace online course. Which is still going to launch on September 22!!! A date I solely picked because 22 is my favorite number!

Sunday walk into my favorite season.

Sunday walk into my favorite season.

I have my course outline and some rough drafts but there is still a LOT that needs to be done between now and the 22nd! So I will be hunkering down for much of the next three weeks.

After much consideration I have arrived at the type of class I will be teaching and my price point:

“Beautiful Web Design Squarespace 101” will be an evergreen course because as much as I would have loved to have an enticing registration period and a defined class schedule, it just made more sense to me that a technical course is available to students as and when they need it.

The cost will be $147 with a $50 discount for my mailing list. I believe that if you offer a discount it should be a good one! And since this is my first course and I am so grateful for everyone who has signed up to my fledgling mailing list I want to make sure I give something back to those who are walking this journey with me. 

I am still (I know!) working on my course sales page but it should be up in the next few days. Whenever I get to a point like this, where I have a lot going on while also creating something new and exciting - i.e. I am feeling a tad stressed! - I try to remind myself that I am not a corporate employee anymore, I CAN make my own rules and set my own boundaries. I could even postpone this course and launch it later if it all became too much. Alas, I have always had a strong work ethic and that doesn’t really change just because you work for yourself, quite the contrary. And I feel quite strongly about bringing my offerings into this world this autumn.

Now live!

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