Beware Of These Two Scams

It is no secret that the internet is full of scam artists and I could never keep up with warning people if I made that my mission. However, two of my clients contacted me this week and asked me whether the email or the letter they received was legit? So I thought I’d share these with you, just as a reminder to never follow a link asking you for personal information or login details, and to never send money anywhere unless you know for a fact that you have a business relationship with that entity.

Scam #1

My client received an email from Stripe Support, acting as a 3rd party using the Squarespace logo and asking her to update her payment method so that they could process her payment. She contacted Squarespace and they confirmed that this was indeed a scam.

Scam #2

This one was a lot trickier! Another client received a letter from Internet Domain Name Services in the regular mail warning her of the impending expiration of her domain name. Since her domain name renewal was indeed up she assumed that this was legit and that she had to pay iDNS to keep her domain registered. How did they get her address and how did they know about the renewal date? In this case she had registered her domain with Squarespace and as such her private information is protected. Her address, however, is on her website and there are probably other methods by which this can be easily obtained. The domain renewal date is a public record so that one is easy. My client pays $20 per year for her domain name with Squarespace, this includes privacy protection and the rate is guaranteed for a lifetime. iDNS charge $45 which is quite the rip-off. I am so glad that my client decided to contact me before sending off the check that she had already written.



As a precaution always make sure that you have an existing business relationship with a company who is asking for your money. Read any communications thoroughly, as you can see in the above letter there were actually statements indicating that this was not an invoice nor an existing business relationship. If you receive an email with a link asking you to update or enter personal data don’t do it, especially if the email is not addressed to your actual name and instead says “Dear Customer” or something like that. If you receive an email like that from a company who you have a business relationship with still don’t use the link, just go to their website and log into your account as normal and check your info this way. Or, just give them a call. Follow the general rule of thumb:

If something doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t!