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It is hard these days to not start every post with an acknowledgment of the tracic events that keep unfolding around this crazy and violent yet beautiful world of ours. Because how can we do business 'as usual' in view of so much force and destruction? I don't have any answers. I help where I can and, as always, simply try to be a good person and affect my immediate environment with loving and kind actions. 

I've been wanting to do something positive in my business for a while and as I was snapping these photos today it suddenly hit me - I want to do an autumn sale! When I looked at the above photo on my phone I had a vision of the round sale sign on it, how weird is that?! To be honest, this is how I often design my websites - a visual cue that leads to a notion and if I recognize it before it fades away again I can capture it and create a whole website from it! Or, in this case, a promotional offer to celebrate my favorite season and give something back.

 Autumn in Edison, WA | Kerstin Martin Squarespace Studio

It is no secret that I love autumn, this is a great time for cozying up with hot mugs of tea, candle light and soft music and do some creative work! Launch that new website you've been wanting to build for ages, or finally create that e-course and host it on your own Squarespace website ready for the Christmas season.

My hope is that you will take advantage of this offer and create something amazing for yourself or your business!


50% OFF for the month of October.
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 Autumn in Edison, WA | Kerstin Martin Squarespace Studio
Squarespace 101

Launch your own beautiful website without the cost of hiring a designer! You will love my easy step-by-step tutorials and unlimited expert support in my Facebook group.

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Squarespace Classroom

Save 3rd party fees and design a beautiful e-course by hosting it on your own Squarespace website! With this class you will have the structure up and running in 2-3 hours.

50% off = $48.50

 Wildfowers in Edison, WA | Kerstin Martin Squarespace Studio