50% off Squarespace 101 - ends this Sunday!

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It occurred to me, ahem, that I never posted about my special offer on here!! I just assume that everyone who reads my blog is already connected to me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or subscribes to my newsletter. 

In any case, to celebrate the completion of my e-course Squarespace 101 I am offering a 50% discount until midnight (PST) Sunday January 8th. After that the price will go back up to $247. So if you’ve been on the fence about learning Squarespace this is a wonderful opportunity to do so at a great price. Here is some lovely feedback I just received from one of my students:

After spending a year getting stuck on choosing a template in Squarespace I watched your video 3 times and then it came clear to me. Thanks for laying it all out so clearly while also narrowing the choices down to a manageable size! Once I got through choosing a template, I completely blissed out on your toolbox! OMG!! Thank you! I got so much from that section and really gobbled up your suggestions. You even gave tips on file organization. Very thorough. Unlike so many programs I’ve taken, I don’t feel like you’re leaving me in the dust, or skimming through things assuming I already know it. Thank you for that, too! I’m about to begin “prepare your images” and I will thank you in advance for being thorough and complete in explaining this because in my photography work, the technical stuff like sizing photos, is not part of my job. It looks like I’m going to get everything I need in your program, and thankfully, I can take as much time as I need to get through it. Thanks for a great program!
— Jenifer Ebel